3D Wallpaper for Living Room: 15 Amazingly Realistic Ideas

Best 3D Wallpaper For Living Room

Okay, we know how wallpapers can dramatically transform the look and mood of any plain living room. But how about 3D wallpaper?

For those of you who never heard of it before, the amazingly realistic pictures on these wallpapers will not only change the look of your living room. It will bring your imagination come true.

Get ready to be awed by some of the most creative 3D wallpapers below.

  • Bubbles 3D Living Room Wallpaper

A cozy living room with neutral finishing doesn’t have to look bland. Create a focal point for the area with realistic chocolate bubble patterns on one side of the wall.

3D Living Room Wallpaper

It will bring a calming vibe to help you unwind after a hectic day at work.

  • Waterfall 3D Mural Wallpaper for Living Room

For a moment there, we can almost feel the cold breeze brushing our face with and the magnificent sound of gushing water.

3D Murals For Living Room Waterfall

As human, we are naturally wired to be as close to the nature as possible, and that’s exactly how 3D wallpapers can help you even if you’re living nowhere near waterfalls.

  • Beautiful Hallway 3D Wallpaper Design

If you only take a quick glance, this picture really looks like a strategically placed seating area, on a patio with beautiful semi-outdoor hallway that leads to the entrance.

3D Wallpaper Designs For Living Room Hallway

But if you look closer under the chairs, it’s actually carpet on a living room.

  • Birds and Trees 3D Wallpaper for Living Room

Do you want to give your guests something to marvel at? This gorgeous 3D wallpaper will make your living room a peaceful place to relax, surrounded by the trees and birds.

3D Wallpaper For Living Room Birds And Leaves Designs

What a great idea to jazz up a monochrome living room.

  • Cherry Blossom Design 3D Wallpaper for Living Room

Fully embrace the Japanese decor theme for your living room with a cherry blossom wallpaper that makes the space beyond beautiful.

3D Wallpaper Cherry Blossom Design For Living Room

It helps in bringing all the decorative element together in one beautiful Japanese style living room.

  • Aquatic 3D Wallpaper Living Room

We know how modern decor can be boring with its clean lines and monochrome color after quite a while, but you can always refresh the look of your living room with an amazing underwater scene.

Aquatic 3D Wallpaper Living Room

Life will be so much better now.

  • Beautiful White Balls 3D Living Room Wallpaper

Your stress will immediately fade right away as you sit on the living room and enjoy this sweet and relaxing wallpaper with realistic white balls and dandelions.

Beautiful 3D Living Room Wallpaper White Balls

If you’re looking for something sweet and simply pretty for your living room accent wall.

  • Beautiful Flowers 3D Wallpaper for Living Room

Entering this living room feels a little bit like visiting Alice in her wonderland.

Big Flower 3D Wallpaper For Living Room

We absolutely love how the white layers and all those beautiful white flower blooms are bringing this living room into a chic and dreamy space.

  • Textured Contemporary 3D Wallpaper Designs for Living Room

It doesn’t have to be realistic images or popping illustrations, because a 3D textured wallpaper can still jazz up your living room.

Contemporary 3D Wallpaper Designs For Living Room

For an artsy living room with so many beautiful art work to show off, the wallpaper will only enhance the decor.

  • Book Design Living Room 3D Wallpaper

If the image of your dream living room consist shelves on the walls, filled to the brim with your extensive book collection, then this is the perfect 3D wallpaper for you.

Living Room 3D Wallpaper Book

It’s amazingly suit the overall decor of the room. Complete them with the velvet and leather sofa, fluffy rugs and famous authors paintings.

  • Outdoor View Living Room 3D Wallpaper

If it’s not for the shadowy part of the living room, we would actually believe that this setting took place in a third floor balcony, overlooking the picturesque view.

Living Room 3D Wallpaper Outdoor View Designs

As we told you, these 3D wallpapers can take you anywhere you have always wanted.

  • White Flower Living Room 3D Wallpaper

Another version of 3D flower wallpaper. This time with rugged grids on the background, as if it’s made from ceramic or sort.

Living Room 3D Wallpaper White Flower

This should be on the top of your list if you’re looking forward to add something feminine to your living room.

  • Lake Side Living Room 3D Wallpaper

Are you yearning to be surrounded by a tranquil and serene atmosphere?

Living Room 3D Wallpaper Lake Side

This exquisite wallpaper goes amazingly well in the modern living room, with sophisticated gray and metal sofas.

  • Circle Modern Luxury 3D Wallpaper Design for Living Room

Trying to bring more excitement to your Scandinavian living room without adding too much color? Then this should be the one for you.

Modern Luxury 3D Wallpaper Circle Design For Living Room

Predominantly white in color with light circles and leaves illustrations that actually matches the sofa and coffee table.

  • Natural Lake View 3D Wallpaper for Living Room

Here’s to everyday of feeling peaceful. Its worry free and relaxed with green trees and the calming reflection of the blue sky on still water.

Natural Lake View 3D Wallpaper For Living Room

We highly recommend this wallpaper for your rustic or country living room.

With 3D wallpaper you can travel anywhere you like and bring everything you want into the living room without spending a fortune.

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