Apartment Kitchen Design: 15 Chic and Compact Ideas

Best Apartment Kitchen Design

With limited space to work with, an apartment kitchen should be designed to fully maximize every inch of space while still maintain easy movements between areas.

Adding a seating area in your apartment kitchen will make it more than just a place to cook meals. But will also become the favorite spot to socialize.

Check out these chic apartment kitchen design that might inspire your next make over.

  • Clean Apartment Kitchen Decor

Keep your apartment kitchen clean and clutter free by providing cabinet to organize kitchen utensils and dining ware.

Apartment Kitchen Decor

The use of bright white color will help making the room appear larger, and you can add a touch of nature with potted plants of herbs on the corners.

  • Small Apartment Kitchen Decorating Ideas with Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island with extra seating will make this the most busiest area of the house, where everyone can socialize and have a hearty meal.

Apartment Kitchen Decorating Ideas Small Space With Kitchen Island

Having a kitchen island in a limited also helps keeping everything within a hands reach.

  • Exquisite Modern Apartment Kitchen Design

The combination of different materials in clean lines and sleek surfaces gives this apartment kitchen an exquisite modern look.

Apartment Kitchen Design

We love how the wooden material gives out a warm character to balance the metallic sheen and clean white counter top.

  • Trendy Apartment Kitchen Idea

The apartment kitchen is predominantly designed with white cabinets and counter tops to exude a modern and minimalist appeal.

Apartment Kitchen Ideas Trendy Design

The use of black tiles for the black splash and the additions of potted plants and flowers helped in bringing a trendy look to the space.

  • Glossy Purple Apartment Kitchen Design

We understand that gray kitchen set are versatile enough to go along with any home decor theme, but the space will desperately need a splash of bright color to liven up the ambiance.

Kitchen Apartment Design Glossy Gray And Purple

Replacing your gray kitchen cabinet with glossy purple ones will bring an excitement every time you walk in.

  • Black and White Idea

This apartment kitchen is cleverly designed in a clean and compact arrangement, with complete feature and enough extra storage to organize kitchen necessities and dining wares.

Kitchen Apartment Ideas Black And White Color

We love the idea of installing floating shelves to organize and use the kitchen ware as a decoration itself.

  • Open Kitchen Concept

This open style kitchen is a part of another room function, most probably the living room or seating area.

Kitchen Design For Apartment Open Concept

The lack of horizontal space is compensated by tall vertical cabinet to keep the kitchen area clear of clutters.

  • Narrow Kitchen for Small Apartment

A very compact apartment kitchen with narrow space can be transformed into a chic and cozy haven.

Kitchen For Small Apartment Narrow Space

With the kitchen set on one side of the wall – along with the beautiful brick-style back splash – and seating area on the other side, it becomes a small space that gives a big contribution to the apartment.

  • Ultra Modern Kitchen Idea for Apartments

The clean white counter top that flows seamlessly from end to end really helped in defining the area for this apartment kitchen.

Kitchen Ideas For Apartments Ultra Modern Design

Everything is looking neat and tidy with all the kitchen utensils hidden behind the closed cabinets and drawers.

  • White Minimalist Modern Apartment Kitchen

Taking place in one corner of the apartment, the kitchen brightens up the whole space with its clean and hygienic white surfaces.

Modern Apartment Kitchen White Minimalist

The home owners decided to add two wooden chairs for the kitchen island, which in turn balance the overall appeal.

  • White Small Apartment Kitchen Design with Dining Set

We always love it when kitchens are full of vegetables, condiments, flowers, and other beautiful details that shows that the space was always warm with human touch.

Small Apartment Kitchen Design With Dining Set

The mini dining table for two is strategically placed on one corner of the kitchen. It is to make sure everyone eat their meal fresh from the oven.

  • Narrow Gray Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas

The limited space has certainly not limit the creativity and imagination in turning this narrow space into a fully functional kitchen, complete with seating.

Small Apartment Kitchen Ideas For Narrow Space

The kitchen set keeps the area clutter free and the hanging shelves keep the dining ware organized. At the same time, displaying them as decorative element.

  • Simple Small Apartment Kitchen Design

We are so amazed looking at how photogenic the apartment kitchen design nowadays. This all-white kitchen looked anything but cramped and chaotic, thanks to the compact built in storage.

Small Apartment Kitchen Simple Design

We also love the addition of wooden element and a little pop of yellows here and there.

  • Small Urban Kitchen Ideas Apartment

The kitchen set that stands on one side of the wall provides complete kitchen features and an abundance of storage area behind the closed cabinets.

Small Urban Kitchen Ideas Apartment

On the other side of the wall is a functional display shelves to put away dining wares. It also making sure everything is within hands reach.

  • Cozy Corner Ideas for Tiny Space

Lighting is one of the essential element to have in an apartment kitchen. It warms up the room and bring an energizing vibe by itself.

Tiny Cozy Corner Apartment Kitchen

We love how this corner kitchen is combining sleek white kitchen set with wooden cabinet and shelves. We also love a small table and cozy sofa.

The limited space of apartment kitchens offers you a chance to pour as much as creativity and ideas to feature complete kitchen function and clutter-free environment.

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