These 15 Backyard Swing Ideas Will Guarantee A Good Time For Everyone

Best Backyard Swing Ideas

Have a backyard swing ideas in mind? If you’re like most people, just hearing the word swing will immediately put you in a relaxing mode.

Just imagine.. A breezy Sunday afternoon, lazily sitting on the backyard swing with a cup of your favorite drink, reliving those lovely moments from the past. If that’s not bliss, we don’t know what is.

Sit back and relax, because we’re about to inspire you with a blissful collection of backyard swing ideas.

  • Backyard Swing and Playground Ideas

Here’s a fun and exciting idea for the kids. Instead of letting them play on the public park unsupervised. You can build a playground around the tree on the backyard where they can play safely.

Backyard Swing Ideas

This one features a tree house, a couple of swings, slide, and basketball net. So much fun!

  • Backyard Swing Rustic Ideas

If you watch too many romantic movies, definitely like us, you’d know how this kind of rustic swing is the perfect place for an intimate scene.

Backyard Swing Rustic Ideas

Oh we just love everything about it, from the rugged look to the warm and inviting vibe.

  • Backyard Swing Set Ideas

A dedicated swing area where everyone can enjoy they relaxing time, regardless of the weather, sounds great isn’t it?

Backyard Swing Set Ideas

We would totally love having this in the backyard, and fill it to the brim with colorful cozy pillows.

  • Simply Cozy Backyard Swing

Don’t let your modern house get in the way of having that dreamy backyard swing. Go on and make one with wooden frame, and make it cozy with thick upholstering.

Backyard Swing

We guarantee it’s going to be your favorite spot in the afternoon.

  • Backyard Wooden Swing Ideas

Having a generous backyard with an abundance of trees and a scenic view to enjoy?

Backyard Wooden Swing Ideas

Your life would never be complete until you place a wooden swing, right by the white fence, for everyone to enjoy the beautiful gift of nature.

  • Porch Swing Ideas

Building a room to create a private paradise in the abide of your home will certainly cost you a fortune.

Porch Swing Ideas

On the other side, a comfortable porch swing with outdoor view and an endless stream of fresh air would cost so much less.

  • Simple Backyard Swing Set from Natural Log

The natural log is a dead giveaway that you love everything rustic, which is obvious, because you’re probably living in a beautiful country house.

Simple Backyard Set From Natural Log

We are certainly loving the unfinished and rather romantic look of this pretty swing.

  • Sleek Backyard Swing Ideas

This swing is somewhere between ‘come sit with me and have a talk’ in the afternoon and ‘let’s stargazing comfortably’ at midnight.

Sleek Backyard Swing Ideas

The sleek design feature a comfortable support where everyone can relax and fully enjoy every moment.

  • Egg-Shaped Backyard Swing Ideas

Okay, we’ve seen this one a lot on social media images, which is totally understandable if you look at the inviting coziness.

Swing Backyard Egg Shape Ideas

The design allows the swing to be moved around the house easily. Very neat!

  • Unique Backyard Swing Design Ideas

This standalone swing have a very unique design, complete with sun shades.

Swing Backyard Idea Unique Design

Seems like you can either sit or totally lay back and relax in this chair, plus you can move it around easily as it seems to be light enough.

  • Iron Backyard Swing Ideas

With the right design and material, your backyard swing will not only provide a relaxing spot for the afternoon, but also an aesthetically pleasing addition to the overall outdoor decor.

Swing Backyard Ideas Iron

In the case of using cushion or not, it’s totally optional.

  • Poolside Backyard Swing Ideas

Inviting friends and relatives to cool off at the pool on the hot summer day?

Swing Backyard Poolside Ideas

Let them swim or maybe relax on the poolside round swing, complete with cozy pillows and shade for protection against the ultraviolet streams.

  • Backyard Swing Under Pergola

Imagine sitting on the swing under the pergola, on a breezy summer night with the love of your love.

Swing Backyard

Well, whether you’re the romantic type or simply love everything beautiful, having a backyard swing like this will definitely help your love life in the future.

  • White Rattan Swing for the Backyard

What’s the main theme of your home decor? If it’s rustic or shabby chic, you should totally have one of this gorgeous rattan swing for your backyard porch.

Swing For Backyard

It’s beautiful, artsy, and exude a hint of pretty vintage charm.

  • Bed Swing Set for Backyard

What can be more relaxing than a breakfast in bed? Well, of course a brunch on the bed swing by the backyard flower garden.

Swing Set For Backyard

We are totally craving for this bed swing for our backyard, and so should you.

Life is too short to not have a backyard swing, where you can stop the time and relax to unwind the stress from the hectic modern life.

Consider the overall house decor theme before you decide the design for your backyard swing.



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