15 Backyard Waterfalls for Soothing and Peaceful Modern Backyard

Best Backyard Waterfalls Ideas

Add into your beautiful patio, a sound of the bubbling water and soothing sight from the modern backyard waterfalls. It creates beautiful ambiance yet the closest to nature you can get.

Bring charming outdoor nature inside the yard and let it gives you a sense of peace. Combined into the waterfall fountain setting is bold and stunning modern style with elegance touch.

  • Horizontal Water Fountain Atop Pool

A pool and a fountain isn’t something to be separated. It should become one and complements each other.

Horizontal Water Fountain Atop Pool

The beautiful water dripping off the pool offers gorgeous view and a soothing experience while relaxing inside the pool.

  • Big Glass Water Fountain/Wall

How do you think of having waterfall wall fountain to separate the inside and outside? This’s the closest idea to perfection.

Big Glass Water Fountain

It’s exceptionally stunning and fully modern. Facing the pool, the fountain becomes an inseparable part.

  • Concrete Waterfall Fountain Backyard Pool

Low budget fountain setting by making use of the backyard wall to create dramatic fountain never fails to attract attention.

Concrete Waterfall Fountain Backyard Pool

It beautifully blends into modern backyard design with greenery, concrete domination and round lighting.

  • Small Concrete Waterfall Fountain Atop Fish Pool

Water dripping beautifully from a fountain atop fish pool is another way to create peaceful setting to the backyard.

Small Concrete Waterfall Fountain Atop Fish Pool

The sound and scent of fresh water provoke consciousness and amazes anyone entering the backyard.

  • Small Vertical Backyard Water Fountain

A touch of modernity in fountain is characterized with glass wall where the water falls through it in a beautiful way.

Small Vertical Backyard Water Fountain

Its small size doesn’t affect its charm and appeal. On a setting with strong wooden accent, this modern fountain refreshes the atmosphere.

  • Modern White Backyard Waterfall Fountain

White wall palette furnished with charming fountain in a wood dominated backyard setting is a really nice complement.

Modern White Backyard Waterfall Fountain

It gives the idea of having outdoor nature inside the house and keeping the modernity remain untouched.

  • Massive Waterfall Fountain on Grain Concrete

Another masterpiece of artistic fountain with modern touch is in the backyard and soothing the mood.

Massive Waterfall Fountain On Grain Concrete

By-the-pool fountain is inseparable part of the pool. It comes as astonishing decor to steal the eyes and relax the mind.

  • Modern Big Backyard Waterfall Fountain

Water dripping heavily from the top of the backyard wall is what a modern home setting truly needs.

Modern Big Backyard Waterfall Fountain

It’s beautifully artistic yet majestic seeing how big the fountain is. A concrete dominated house is turned into a more cozy living space.

  • Natural Stone Backyard Waterfall Fountain

Keeping the modernity close to nature is what this fountain is all about.

Natural Stone Backyard Waterfalls Fountain

The dark stone wall where the water drips is strong in character. More natural stones below where the water hits are offering nice balance of more soothing backyard atmosphere.

  • Backyard Waterfalls Fountain with Firestone

Fire and water, two of earth’s most powerful elements are creating a dramatic setting into the backyard.

Backyard Waterfall Fountain With Firestone

The rustic grand stone wall makes the setting perfect. Surprisingly, it blends in a beautiful with greenery behind.

  • Modern Multi Element Backyard Waterfall

Combining several elements into one fountain setting is a chance of perfection.

Modern Multi Element Backyard Waterfalls

Wood, metal and concrete are made into a bold base for the small size waterfall. Step on top of the pool and experience the sensation.

  • Natural Tropical-Inspired Backyard Waterfall

When it comes to the best waterfall mimicking the outdoor nature, the setting of leveling stone waterfall is the best choice.

Natural Tropical Inspired Backyard Waterfall

Surrounded by flowers, plants and other greenery settings, the result is a soothing backyard design.

  • Modern Big Concrete Glass Waterfall Atop Pool

Nothing is more stunning and soothing than a waterfall on top of the pool.

Modern Big Concrete Glass Waterfall Atop Pool

It beautifully mimics the nature while the glass element keeps it close to modernity. With greenery surroundings, the waterfall-pool setting becomes more inviting.

  • Modern Dark Stone Vertical Waterfall

Dark stone is a piece of modernity with dramatic touch.

Modern Dark Stone Vertical Waterfall

And when it’s combined with vertical waterfall in the backyard, the result is mesmerizing. The man made river below the waterfall makes the whole setting perfectly mimic the nature.

  • Modern Concrete Leveling Backyard Waterfalls

Leveling waterfall inside and outside is the best setting to have.

Modern Concrete Leveling Backyard Waterfall

Water falls through the dark concrete wall in a setting surrounded by beautiful natural scenes. It beautifully accentuates the modern touch and provides a peaceful experience.

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