15 Cozy Bedroom with Fireplace Ideas

Best Bedroom With Fireplace

Imagine going home after a cold day outside to a welcoming cozy bedroom where you can snuggle under the blanket to keep yourself warm.

The spark on from the fireplace will turn the plain bedroom into an inviting retreat with intimate atmosphere that will lullaby you to dreamland.

Let’s get warm and cozy with our gallery below.

  • Charming Rustic Bedroom with Fireplace

The double sided fireplace looks charming with the exposed brick wall and surrounding, and will surely keep both side of the room warm and cozy.

Bedroom Fireplace Brick Rustic Design

We especially love how it complement the unfinished impression of the queen bed.

  • Elegant Design

A spacious bedroom overlooking the beautiful outdoor scenery will only be perfect with an elegant fireplace to keep the room warm.

Bedroom Fireplace Designs Elegant Ideas

The tiles on the fireplace are purposefully designed to match the elegant color scheme of the room with a beautiful white accent.

  • Bedroom with Buit-In Fireplace Classic Design

If you need an extra fireplace but prefer to keep the room’s original shape intact, build the fireplace outside the room but keep the opening to face your canopy bed.

Bedroom Fireplace Ideas

Enjoy your night and sleep like a baby with the warmth from the fireplace.

  • Cozy Bedroom with Small Fireplace

Having a limited space on the bedroom shouldn’t be the reason to give up getting a fireplace.

Bedroom Fireplace Cozy Small Design

Keep it small, simple and functional, with brick frame to give a rustic touch and wide white counter above it to place pictures and mirrors.

  • Country Themed Bedroom with Fireplace

With the beautiful exposed wooden beams and stone interior walls, this bedroom is going to be the perfect place to spend your vacation.

Bedroom Ideas With Fireplace Country Theme

Lay in bed and let your imagination roam free as the spark from the fireplace warm up the room.

  • Log Bedroom with Modern Fireplace

The tranquil and serene feeling as you wake up in a log bedroom, enveloped with the warmth from the fireplace.

Bedroom Log Design With Modern Fireplace Design Ideas

The modern style of the double sided fireplace truly compliment this exquisite bedroom.

  • Luxurious Bedroom with Fireplace

The luxurious design of this bedroom is enhanced with the addition of an obscure fireplace in front of the master bed.

Bedroom With Fireplace Luxurious Ideas

The decision to blend the fireplace with the surrounding absolutely amplifies the classy look of this bedroom.

  • Classic Style Idea

For the home owners who prefer their room classic and unpretentious, having a fireplace right in the front of the master bed will guarantee to bring a good night sleep.

Elegant Classic Bedroom With Fireplace Ideas

We highly recommend using the same neutral color for the fireplace and the wall to make the room appear larger.

  • White Bedroom with Fireplace

There will be days when your bedroom is too warm and comfortable to leave. Even the pet starts coming in to take a nap. Well, who can blame you.

Fireplace For Bedroom White Color

This bedroom definitely looks very inviting from the beautiful white fireplace and a couple of cozy chairs and furry rug.

  • Spacious Bedroom with White Brick Fireplace

Who can resist the timeless charm of a country house, especially with an exquisitely beautiful fireplace to warm the cold nights.

Fireplace In Bedroom Spacious With White Brick Design

We love how the beautiful hanging fixture resemble an old age candle holder and adorn the whole place with soft illumination.

  • Comfortable Master Bedroom with Fireplace

This master bedroom is designed to feature the scenic outdoor view. Its designed with a large bay window where everyone can marvel at the nature’s beauty, enveloped with a warm atmosphere.

Master Bedroom With Fireplace Comfortable Ideas

Right next to the bay window, a magnificent fireplace is spreading warmth throughout the space.

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  • Modern Bright Bedroom with Fireplace

We fell in love with everything about this bedroom. From the soft and clean cream walls, the wide bay window that leads to a path on the garden outside.

Modern Bright Bedroom Fireplace

The seating area just right by the fireplace also great. See the patterned carpet on the floor, so beautiful.

  • Simple Modern Bedroom with Metal Fireplace

Maintain the sophistication of your modern style bedroom with a metal covered fireplace right in front of the master bed.

Simple Modern Bedroom With Metal Fireplace

It goes really well with the sleek surfaces and clean lines of other elements in the room.

  • Scandinavian Small Bedroom with Fireplace

Warm up the Scandinavian style bedroom with a fireplace.

Small Scandinavian Bedroom Fireplace

The simple and clean design of the fireplace keeps the room looking neat and organized with extra space to mount the TV.

  • White Tropical Bedroom with Modern Fireplace

We all familiar with the beautiful combination of clean white walls and wooden elements. Its time to spice it up with a tropical potted plant on the corner.

White Tropical Bedroom Fireplace

A modern fireplace will keeps the room cozy all day long.

Having a fireplace in the bedroom is not only about warmth. It’s about bringing an inviting atmosphere where everyone can relax and unwind the stress of the day.

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