Brick Wall Interior Design: 15 Character Ideas and Palettes

Best Brick Wall Interior Designs

Signature style with brick wall interior design is an excellent way to create unique customized design.

Brick wall is solid, tough and strong in character. Both finished and unfinished brick wall are all gorgeous. It’s a perfect element for flat apartment especially when the building is more than 100 years old.

It can appear rustic when let unfinished. Yet, it can appear modern when painted gray.

We have some  various design ideas to apply. Check them out below.

  • Modular Round Bedroom with Brick Wall

Unique feature with strong accent from brick wall is showed by this very bedroom. The dominant natural brick color palette gives a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Brick Wall Interior Round For Modular Bedroom

Even the concrete flooring is painted brown to accentuate the earthy feels.

  • Modern Living Room with One-Side Brick Wall

Brick wall doesn’t always have to be dominant to appear stunning. Brick and white palette wall beautifully coexist in a modern living space.

One Side Brick Wall In Modern Living Room

The natural brown color adds a touch of earthy element.

  • Rustic Brick Wall Living Space with Wood Ceiling

Majestic big living space deserves something more special with a classic traditional touch. Unfinished brick wall gives wonderful surprise when it’s combined with unfinished wood ceiling.

Rustic Brick Wall Living Space With Wood Ceiling

It’s rather cozy and inviting.

  • Bright Modern Kitchen with Brick Wall Backsplash

Unfinished brick wall backsplash balances the bright kitchen palette and produces a soothing atmosphere.

Bright Modern Kitchen With Brick Wall Backsplash

The character is rather strong and all the elements beautifully coexist with each other.

  • Modern Brick Wall Interior Design with White Flooring

Stunning and beautifully contrasted mixture is white flooring and natural brown brick wall. Multi elements are blended producing a mix of rustic and modern touch.

Modern Brick Wall Interior Design With White Flooring

Glass stairs add sophistication while the vanity lighting accentuates the warm atmosphere.

  • Clutter Free Brick Wall Dining Space

Giving more character is what brick wall always does. In an old remodeled building with classic porcelain tiles, brick wall comes as stunning completion.

Clutter Free Brick Wall Dining Space

Lots of natural light and white wood ceiling keeps the dining room bright and airy.

  • Rustic Living Room Design with Brick Wall Accent

Wood and concrete are two elements creating the stunning rustic living room in balanced color ambience.

Brick Wall Accent In Rustic Living Room Design

Unfinished brick wall appears in harmony with natural bright wood flooring and white cabinets.

  • Classic Brick Wall Accent Bedroom

Adding brick wall into the bedroom creates a soothing atmosphere. It looks rather rustic and in harmony with king size wood bed with carved headboards.

Classic Brick Wall Accent Bedroom

Elegance is enhanced with patterned area rug and beautiful vanity lighting with shade.

  • Concrete Bedroom with Brick Wall Accent

A canopy bed in a concrete bedroom with brick wall represents the modern space for resting.

Concrete Bedroom With Brick Wall Accent

This modern container-inspired bedroom design brings out a strong character that it doesn’t need lots of detail to be stunning.

  • Bedroom Modern Contemporary Painted with White Brick Wall Interior Design

Finished brick wall in white is simply mesmerizing and in beautiful harmony with natural white wood flooring and white built-in closet.

Bedroom Modern Contemporary Painted With White Brick Wall Interior Design

Unique hanging lights in contemporary style adds character while small wall mounted wall vanity table adds more elements.

  • Eclectic Living Room Design with Interior Brick Wall

True gorgeous mixture is a pair of fabric sofa, natural wood coffee table and unfinished brick wall.

Interior Brick Wall In Eclectic Living Room Design

Unique bottle drawing on brick wall accentuates the character making the space more inviting.

  • Traditional Mini Bar with Brick Accent Wall

Your cottage-inspired house deserves traditional and elegant mini bar with a strong character. Instead of plain wall, brick wall gives the space a signature pattern.

Traditional Mini Bar With Brick Accent Wall

The color palette is in balance with walnut flooring and dark tone teak furniture.

  • Contemporary Freestyle Living Room with Taupe Brick Wall

Curvy standing light adds sophistication into a freestyle living room filled with multi element features.

Taupe Brick Wall In Contemporary Freestyle Living Room

A taupe brick wall on one side, concrete gray wall on the other side, big glass window and white painted brick wall completes the arrangement.

  • Modern Gray Living Room with Unfinished Brick Wall Interior Design

Gray palette has been such a craze for interior design and is nicely paired with unfinished brick wall in brown.

Unfinished Brick Wall Interior Design In Modern Gray Living Room

Polished wood flooring gives a touch of elegance and the unique lighting on every inch of the living room delivers functionality and aesthetic.

  • Luxury Modern White Living Room with Painted Brick Wall Interior

White is soothing and luxurious. White sectional sofa set adds more elegance to the living room.

Painted Brick Wall Interior In Luxury Modern White Living Room

The built-in horizontal open shelves in the brick wall is an excellent way to bring out the charms of the interior design.

What do you think about our collections above? We hope that ideas can inspire you!

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