15 Warm and Earthy Brown Living Room Ideas

Best Brown Living Room Ideas

When you think about brown living room ideas, it’s going to be hard not to imagine welcoming yourself into a warm and cozy house.

Using a neutral color like brown for your home decor will bring an aesthetically soothing vibe. Especially if you’re planning to embrace a rustic or natural theme.

Consider blending brown with a touch of brighter colors to create a certain look, like teal for an exotic appeal or yellow for a refreshing feel.

  • Brown and Blue Living Room

Combining the warmth of darker brown with sky blue on the wall and decorative elements helps to create a very inviting living room.

Brown And Blue Living Room

It’s both warm and refreshing at the same time, like having a cup of hot chocolate in a spring morning.

  • Brown and Green Living Room

Incorporating different gradients of brown into your living room is a great idea to embrace the natural look and showcase an elegant yet welcoming look at the same time.

Brown And Green Living Room

To compliment the overall atmosphere, place a green patterned rug and a couple of green plants on the corners.

  • Brown and White Living Room

Imagine yourself going through a hectic day at work, and coming home to a super cozy brown and white living room that immediately soothes you just from sitting on the sofa.

Brown And White Living Room

The color combination is effortlessly natural and beautifully accentuate each other.

  • Brown Living Room with Eclectic Decor

Does the idea of mashing together different textures and patterns excite you?

Brown Living Room Idea With Eclectic Decor

Bring in brown rattan lounges, patterned wallpaper, striped curtains, colorful sofa cushions, and blend everything in an awesome eclectic themed living room.

  • Bright and Cozy Brown Living Room

There are different neutral colors used in this living room, but everything comes together with a dark brown wall as the focal point.

Bright And Cozy Brown Living Room Decorating Ideas

The white ceilings and sleek square coffee table helps to reflect the natural streams of sunlight from the window on the side.

  • African Themed Living Room Idea

What to do when you have a brown painted room with wooden floor dressed with predominantly white furniture? The exotic image of African wildlife would fit just right.

African Theme Brown Living Room Design

Emphasize the theme with decorative details like animal-printed sofa cushions, wooden drums from side table, and some African carvings.

  • Art Deco Dark Brown Color

The very first impression we get upon seeing this living room is how it’s going to smother us with deep comfort any time of the day.

Dark Brown Living Room Art Deco Idea

With the art deco furniture and decorative details, this dark brown living room is going to take us for a trip back to the past.

  • Brown and Gold Living Room

Trying to create an elegant look for your living room without being pretentious? Combining the solid character of deep brown with golden ornaments will definitely help you achieve the goal.

Elegant Brown Living Room Combine With Gold Color

For extra lavishness, consider using smooth velvet material to upholster the sofas.

  • Small and Homey Brown Living Room

A great hack to make a small living room appear larger is by installing mirror, and in this case, above the fireplace.

Brown Living Room Idea For Small Space

Since they have chosen to paint the walls with dark brown and prop the room with white furniture, yellow and green details will add a cozy and homey feel to the space.

  • Modern Brown Living Room

The room actually used a few different patterns and materials for the decoration, but everything seems to blend beautifully together, that we hardly notice.

Modern Brown Living Room Decor

The trick is to use a consistent color scheme, even when you combine two different color in one room.

  • Modern Japanese-Style Brown Living Room

Inspired by the beauty of Japanese culture, the owner placed a modern-designed white sectional sofa and a vibrant red single chair over the light wood flooring.

Brown Living Room Modern Japanese Style

A beautiful flower painting on the brown wall successfully soften the overall look of the room.

  • Simply Cozy Brown Living Room

Here’s a good way to keep everyone come home on time: paint the living room with dark brown, line the floor with thick carpet, furnish the space with super comfortable lounge and sofas.

Brown Living Room Simple And Cozy

Throw in lots of soft pillows for everyone to relax after spending a day outside.

  • Charming Traditional Brown Living Room

Thinking about a traditional living room when we’re faraway from home will automatically washed us with the warmth of home.

Charming Traditional Brown Living Room

The neutral colors and gradient of browns on this living room certainly brings a timeless charm that will remain for decades.

  • Spacious Dark Brown Living Room

Create your own haven to runaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Dark Brown Living Room

Fill the spacious living room with everything brown, from the smooth velvet sofa cushion to the custom-built shelves. Lighten up the room with a warm touch of natural wood elements.

  • Light Brown Living Room Decorating Ideas

Are you looking to decorate your living room with modern theme but want to maintain the warmth of nature’s elements?

Light Brown Living Room Decorating Ideas

Without actually using wood material, you can lighten and brighten up the room by painting one side of the wall with light brown.

Everyone wants to come home to something warm, familiar, and soothing after spending a day outside. It will be so much easier to achieve the desired feeling if you incorporate brown into your living room decor.



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