15 Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Vibrant Atmosphere

Best Colorful Kitchen Ideas

Colorful kitchen design doesn’t always about prominent colorful cabinet or back splash. Instead, small and minor kitchen details in various colors sounds just great.

Entering in a colorful kitchen is the best thing to wake you up in the morning. The vibrant atmosphere is soothing yet very lively to keep you inspired cooking any dishes while entertaining the guests.

Check it out below some colorful kitchen ideas and inspirations just for you.

  • White Kitchen and Turquoise Tile Backsplash

The cabinet may still look neutral in white but the kitchen looks brightly colorful thanks to turquoise tiles back splash.

White Kitchen And Turquoise Tile Backsplash

Colorful accessories like small green chair for kid, wood style lamp shades and turquoise vanity lamp shades make the setting perfect.

  • Modern White Kitchen in Blue and Lime

White kitchen theme added with stainless steel appliances looks very nice with a lime tile backsplash and blue wall.

Modern White Kitchen In Blue And Lime

The kitchen looks clean, bright and functional. The double sink is a great detail for heavy-duty kitchen.

  • Modern Kitchen Design with Lime-Blue

The color combination is soothing yet lively. The blue-lime duet for kitchen back splash steals the attention while white cabinet balances the ambience.

Modern Kitchen Design With Lime Blue

Big kitchen island with white counter top and again blue-lime duet for the storage below.

  • Colorful Kitchen Ideas Country Design and Creative Tile Back splash

Even a small size, this country kitchen appears stunning with white cabinet and counter top, yellow island, hickory chairs.

Colorful Kitchen Ideas Country Design And Creative Tile Backsplash

It is also complete with modern metal hanging light, interesting tile back splash and filled with stainless steel appliances.

  • Modern Kitchen Design in Purple Grey Color

Purple is strong in character and when the kitchen appears in it, it instantly becomes as signature style of the house.

Modern Kitchen Design In Purple Grey Color

Edgy cabinet and island design accentuates its modernity while grey color palette balances the purple domination.

  • Modern Kitchen Style with Multiple Elements

Big size kitchen means more elements. The modern-concept kitchen combines wood, stainless steel, marble, metal and glass into one design.

Modern Kitchen Style With Multiple Elements

Bright wood cabinet looks perfect with grey marble counter top and lime backsplash and the island adds more character with turquoise and grey.

  • Turquoise Kitchen Design Inspired by The Sea

Stealing the character of the sea with turquoise kitchen style is never a failure. It looks inviting and is balanced with white back splash.

Turquoise Kitchen Design Inspired By The Sea

In the center, white dining table set with red upholstered chairs somehow create an eclectic ambience.

  • Modern Shocking Bright Colorful Kitchen Ideas

Forget the soft bright colors for the kitchen and go for shocking bright colors for signature style.

Modern Shocking Bright Colorful Kitchen Ideas

Pink, lime and orange in one setting is attention stealer. With stainless steel appliances, the modernity of the kitchen is accentuated.

  • Eclectic Modern Kitchen Design with Lots Natural Light

More natural light for colorful kitchen setting with eclectic style brings out the kitchen charm. White cabinet is perfectly combined with black counter top.

Eclectic Modern Kitchen Design With Lots Natural Light

Blue kitchen island looks neutral with wood counter top. And the white tiles has more character with strip colorful rug.

  • Modern Small Multi Color Kitchen Design

Forget one or two colors, embrace multiple colors at once for the kitchen.

Modern Small Multicolor Kitchen Design

The cabinet is undeniable an inviting focal point with colorful cabinet doors in blue, orange, green, red, pink, white and yellow. Even the lighting is yellow. Stainless steel kitchen balances the ambience.

  • Modern Simple Colorful Kitchen Cabinet Design

Added to your white kitchen palette is colorful kitchen cabinet to add more characters.

Modern Simple Colorful Kitchen Cabinet Design

The cabinet doors painted in red, yellow, orange, pink, grey, blue and purple appear like a beautiful color book to steal the attention.

  • Modern Kitchen Design with Yellow White Color

Yellow is beautiful color with lots of character. A kitchen set full in yellow gives the kitchen strong character to become attractive entertainment area for the guests.

Modern Kitchen Design With Yellow White Color

To balance is white kitchen vertical shelves and blue metal hanging lights.

  • Classic Colorful Kitchen Ideas with Blue and White

Traditional kitchen style looks exceptionally beautiful with a touch of multiple blue shades.

Classic Colorful Kitchen Ideas With Blue And White

Tosca blue tile back splash, baby blue cabinet doors and soft turquoise transparent marble kitchen island create the stunning mixture.

  • Eclectic Colorful Kitchen Design in Extended Space

Accentuating the kitchen is perfectly done with colorful kitchen cabinet doors, colorful abstract backsplash painting and colorful dining table set.

Eclectic Colorful Kitchen Design In Extended Space

White counter top balance the setting in a beautiful way.

  • Contemporary Colorful Kitchen Design with Dark Flooring

Lighting up the kitchen ambience is colorful kitchen cabinets with orange and red duet, grey kitchen island, and white lamp shade.

Contemporary Colorful Kitchen Design With Dark Flooring

A touch of the earth is added through dark hardwood flooring and big glass window with dramatic beach view.

What do you think about ideas and inspirations above? Hopefully inspire you!

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