Decorative Display Shelves: 15 Creative Ideas for Your Home

Best Decorative Display Shelves

Whether you’re living in a limited space or enjoying a spacious home, display shelves will neatly organized your items while at the same time adding a decorative feature to the space.

Nowadays, display shelves are made with very interesting approaches, including the arrangement and the shape itself.

Still can’t find the perfect display shelves to match your home decor? Let’s have a look at these creative examples.

  • Big Organizer Concept

With so much activities and hobbies comes a lot of things to organize. The open concept of this display shelves will make it easier for you to find and reach things.

Big Organizer Concept Display Shelves

Consider using colorful boxes to keep your smaller things and giving a pop of color to the space.

  • Stacked Corner Shelves

Have a dormant corner in the house? Consider installing these floating corner shelves to display your decorative items or showcasing memorable family pictures.

Corner Stack Display Shelf

Match the color of the shelves with the room decor theme.

  • Attractive Ideas

This attractive display shelves would immediately grab all attention with it’s interesting shape.

Display Bookshelf Attractive Design

The book aficionado out there really shouldn’t miss the chance to show-off their massive book collection in a creative way like this.

  • Curved Design Ideas

This creative display shelves would definitely fit for a focal point in a living room. The wooden material makes it versatile to be incorporated into any decor theme.

Display Shelves Curve Unique Design

You can arrange your book collection along with potted flowers or potted plants for a more natural approach.

  • Patterned Decorative Style

Can’t stand the thought of decorating your living room with plain wooden shelves?

Display Shelves White With Decorative Pattern

These stacked shelves would swiftly brush the space with an artsy touch with its decorative pattern on the side.

  • Wrapped Wooden Designs

Soften the rough edges on your home with something natural and multi-functional, by installing these creative wooden shelves.

Display Shelving Wooden Wrapped

The unusual placement and shape will bring a creative touch to the room.

  • Black and White Color Ideas

For the monochrome and contemporary lovers out there, easily transform your room with these black and white display shelves.

Display Wall Shelves Black And White Design

The unique arrangement provides plenty space to organize your favorite items.

  • Glass Material

For anyone trying to add more fluidity to the room and looking for display shelves that can be easily incorporated into any decor theme.

Glass Display Shelves

These decorative glass display shelves should be perfect.

  • Wide and Tall Shelves

This black and metal display shelf is wide and tall enough to not only organize your books or household items, but it can also utilized as a multi-functional room partition.

Modern Display Shelves Black Wide And Tall

Perfect choice for small house owners wanting to maximize their space.

  • Elegant Display Shelves

The effortlessly beautiful appearance that emanates from the deep brown color of this gorgeous deep brown display shelf will lend an elegant touch to any room.

Simple Elegant Display Shelves

The unusual shape also brings excitement by itself.

  • Japanese-Inspired Design

Inspired by Japanese aesthetic values, this black wooden display shelf would be the perfect setting to show off your mini souvenirs from different countries.

Small Display Shelves Japanese Inspired

You can also use it to replace painting as the focal point of the room.

  • Modern White Color

Can’t decide what to do with the empty wall in your minimalist living room? Feature a beautiful arrangement of book collections and decorative items with this minimalist white display shelves.

Wall Display Shelves Modern White

It adorns the wall without adding unnecessary elements.

  • Simple Chic Ideas

We love it when a simple addition makes a big difference to any room it’s placed.

White Small Display Shelves Simple Chic

Whether in a dorm room, bathroom, foyer, or just a corner in the house, having a simple chic display shelf will keep your items organized and beautify the room at the same time.

  • Large Wooden Shelves

Keep everything easily reachable in one place with a large custom built display shelves.

Wooden Display Shelves Large Ideas

With an abundance extra storage for decorative items and books, spacious closed cabinets and drawers, no more excuse to leave things scattered on the floor.

  • Eclectic and Artsy Design Idea

If the thought of combining textures and patterns excites you, bring in this artsy display shelf to complete your eclectic room decor.

Wooden Display Wall Shelves Eclectic And Artsy

Fill it with colorful artworks or book collection to complete the unique character of this wooden display shelf.

Display shelves are a great choice to organize decorative items and other favorite items and at the same time enhancing the decor theme.

Consider display shelves in neutral color and material to incorporate into any room decor.

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