Japanese Garden Design: 15 Beautiful and Calming Ideas

Best Japanese Garden Designs

Transform your backyard into a tranquil place to find peace and calmness with Japanese garden design. The balance between nature’s elements play an important role to bring an aesthetically pleasing appeal that will satisfy all your senses.

Let’s take on a journey to inspire your stress-free environment.

  • Flowery Backyard Japanese Garden

One of the most imitated Japanese garden style, with beautifully floating lotus on the pond, surrounded by colorful flowers that blends along with the lavish green trees.

Backyard Japanese Garden With Flower

We also spot a few iconic small stone statues that will enhance the garden look.

  • Japanese Garden Design with Deck

Taking a calm stroll on the wooden deck by the pond will help you regain calmness and clarity in difficult times.

Beautiful Japanese Garden Design With Decks

Imagine seeing the distant ripples on the water surface and the flower petal lightly touches your skin.

  • Contemporary Japanese Garden Design with Vertical Bed

Are you worried about having to give up your dream Japanese garden design because your backyard is not big enough? Don’t be, because you can still make a small pond and place water bamboos with stones on it.

Contemporary Japanese Garden Design With Vertical Bed

If it’s not enough, you can also build a vertical garden bed on the wall.

  • Japanese Front Yard Garden Designs with Artificial Waterfall

Imagine waking up in the morning with the calming sound of trickling water, you come out of the room, and greeted with beautiful Koi fishes swimming beautifully on the pond.

Japanese Front Yard Garden Designs With Artificial Waterfall

You would really think you’re in Japan right now.

  • Japanese Garden Design with Small Bridge

Somehow, the beautiful landscape is made more romantic with the addition of traditional bridge over the pond.

Japanese Garden Design With Small Bridge

The soft curves and the imagination of love scenes form Japanese movies on the beautiful wooden bridge is too hard to resist.

  • Japanese Garden Design with Wooden Decks

Right now, you might be thinking you’re looking at an oil painting, but you’re not.

Japanese Garden Design With Wooden Decks

If you happen to have the privilege of owning a sprawling backyard, why not transform it into an outdoor Japanese heaven? With the water streams and wooden deck for you to admire your surrounding.

  • Japanese Garden Design with Steps

Okay, maybe you don’t feel like applying the Japanese garden design to the whole backyard, but how about the pathway? You can mark each step with wood and fill the gap empty spaces with pebbles.

Japanese Garden Design With Steps

Also, arrange stones and plants on each side of the pathway.

  • Stone and Waterfall Japanese Garden

Without colorful flowers or Japanese ornament, we can still feel a strong peaceful vibe coming from this beautiful garden.

Japanese Garden With Stone And Waterfall

It’s purposefully designed to make the tiered artificial waterfalls and the magnificent stone structures as the main attraction of the garden.

  • Traditional Japanese Rock Garden Design

Every line on the sand, every stone, and every other element symbolizes Japanese values and follows a certain rules.

Traditional Japanese Rock Garden Design

For a Japanese garden like this, you might want to consult with native Japanese landscaper for an original layout.

  • Japanese Rock Gardens with Pond

This quiet garden can be your private haven to meditate away all your worries and stress.

Japanese Rock Gardens With Pond

Everything in the garden, from the still water on the pond to the stone statues, will help you reconnect yourself with the nature.

  • Japanese Water Gardens with Koi Pond

The magical glow from the waterfall and the water on the pond as the sunlight brushes the area is too beautiful to describe, especially with happily swimming Koi fishes on the pond.

Japanese Water Gardens With Koi Pond

Japanese vibe to perfection.

  • Beautiful Japanese Waterfall Garden Ideas

Japanese garden is simply the nature’s way of saying to us a touching love poetry, with every branches on the trees tell us the wisdom of life.

Japanese Waterfall Garden Ideas

If having the privilege to own a Japanese garden right on your backyard does not make you a kinder and better person, we don’t know what will.

  • Minimalist Japanese Zen Garden Design Ideas

Getting your hands on to create the perfect Japanese garden? Make sure you have wood, water, sand, and stone element to make it authentic.

Japanese Zen Garden Design Ideas

Bamboo and certain shrubberies will also help in perfecting the overall look.

  • Modern Garden Design Japanese Style with Rocks

The wooden passageway is purposefully filled with rocks for the water to flow slowly and enter the opening on the end.

Modern Garden Design Japanese Style With Rocks

The water was supposedly brings a peaceful and calming sound to the garden.

  • Small Japanese Garden Design Ideas with Rock Bridge

A very excellent example that no matter the size of your backyard with sufficient effort. You can transform it into a source of tranquility and calmness.

Small Japanese Garden Design Ideas With Rock Bridge

Place a wooden deck right by the pond, for you to meditate, do yoga, or simply sipping a cup of green tea.

Japanese garden design would suit not only Japanese-inspired home decor. It also suit with contemporary and modern ones. But not quite fitted for a country or castle style exterior design.

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