15 Fun and Adorable Kids Bathroom Ideas

Best Kids Bathroom Ideas

We’re pretty sure the ideas of redecorating the kids bathroom have crossed almost every parent’s mind. They once again face the challenging task of getting the kids in (and out) of the bathroom.

Kids are naturally drawn to bright colors and interesting shapes. So be prepared to include those elements as you create their dream bathroom.

Splash yourself a little inspiration from our collection of adorable kids bathroom ideas.

  • Colorful Bathroom Design for Kids Ideas

Getting the kids to brush their teeth at night can be a daunting task that consume a lot of energy and time.

Bathroom Design For Kids Colorful Ideas

Well, you can save the hassle by painting everything in the bathroom with bright contrasting colors that will invite the kids by itself.

  • Bathroom Design for Kids

Are you thinking of a design that will last long enough to survive the kids growing phase?

Bathroom Design For Kids

Try painting the bathroom with bright and clean white, but add a few colored accent for an extra excitement, like the blue mirror frame and sink bottom.

  • Simple and Elegant Kids Bathroom Design Ideas

Combine fun and elegance by using colorful hexagonal tiles on a modern style bathroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas For Kids Simple Elegant

Utilize dormant space for extra storage to place the kids bathroom necessities and their favorite bath time toys.

  • Cheerful Bathroom for Kids

Does it take you more than 2 hours to get the girls ready for school? Well, you can now say goodbye to those tiring days, thanks to a cheerful bathroom design.

Bathroom For Kids

With colorful floral details and exciting color combination, the girls will even go to bed earlier so they can have fun in their bathroom.

  • Narrow Bathroom Ideas for Kids

This narrow bathroom has just the perfect size for the kids bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas For Kids

A bright green bathtub, a couple of orange and pink sink, with turtle and Nemo decal on the wall? We can already hear the kids screaming with excitement.

  • Beautiful Bathroom Ideas for Kids

If the kids favorite holiday spot is the beach, why not makeover their bathroom with a nautical theme?

Beautiful Bathroom Ideas For Kids

Paint the walls with bright sky blue, and color the knobs and sink bowls with teal to remind them of the splendid ocean atmosphere.

  • Elegant Bathroom Ideas for Kids

With three kids at home, it would save more time if they can brush their teeth each on their own mirror and sink.

Elegant Bathroom Ideas For Kids

Besides, the kids bathroom also has the potential of witnessing some of the most interesting conversations in the house.

  • Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

We never thought that a kids bathroom can be this cute, with that tiny bathtub and small toilet.

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

This bathroom is truly calling the kids for fun and exciting bath time with all the colorful stripes and dots all over the place.

  • Kids Bathroom Decor

Here’s another exciting approach to add more color to the kids bathroom without having to totally makeover the space.

Kids Bathroom Decor

You can cover the upper part of the walls with colorful striped wallpaper and paint the inside of the open shelves with a matching color scheme.

  • Kids Bathroom Decorations

You will be amazed by the drastic improvement of just changing the old bathroom curtain and floor mats with the little monkey ones.

Kids Bathroom Decorations

From adult bathroom to fun and exciting kids bathroom in a swift, perfect for busy parents.

  • Playful Kids Bathroom Design

You know what every kids need first thing in the morning? A mood booster that will spark their imagination and pump their creativity throughout the day.

Kids Bathroom Design

Feel free to copy this creative and colorful bathroom design for your kids.

  • Kids Bathroom Ideas in Light Blue Color

Researches has also suggest that light blue color inspire creativity and calmness, making it perfect for your kids bathroom.

Kids Bathroom Ideas Light Blue Color

Brighten up the space with our familiar friend the yellow duck, to keep things exciting.

  • Kids Bathroom Ideas

As we said earlier, it doesn’t take a total makeover or spend a fortune to create a fun bathroom for the kids.

Kids Bathroom Ideas

Simply add colorful details and decorations in various texture and pattern to add excitement to the space.

  • Light and Modern Bathroom Design for Kids

Having kids doesn’t mean you have to throw away your modern and contemporary taste, you just have to compromise a little.

Light Modern Bathroom Design For Kids

Subtle colorful accents like overhead red lamps, blue poster, and the yellow duck will splash some fun for the kids to enjoy their bath time.

  • Modern Kids Bathroom Design

Just because you decided to use a sophisticated and futuristic design for the kids bathroom, doesn’t mean it should be plain and boring for the kids.

Modern Kids Bathroom Designs

Consider adding a wooden bench and green details to add natural warmth to the space.

When designing your kids bathroom, keep in mind that it should be flexible enough to go along with the kids needs.

It would be wiser to change decorative details and features on a basic bathroom. It’s to avoid spending a fortune for a total makeover every 5 years.

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