Kitchen Pendant Lighting: 15 Great Concept Design Ideas

Best Kitchen Pendant Lightings

Injecting an attractive vibrant style and signature character into the kitchen is made much easier with kitchen pendant lighting. It’s the most interesting lighting style of the heart of the home.

Offering various lighting from bright to sultry mood lighting, this wonderful element will certainly transform the look of your shabby kitchen into a stunning one.

The best setting usually requires several things to consider. Starting with the height. Consider how far you want the light to be suspended from floor. Then, make sure the distance from dining table is right. And, make sure to find inspiring ideas to be applied.

Below are some our collection of kitchen pendant lighting ideas. Check it out!

  • Soft Pink Patterned Cylinder Glass Lighting

Cylinder glass shade becomes a beautiful balancer in modern bold kitchen setting. The patterned glass creates unusual shades of lighting at night.

Soft Pink Patterned Cylinder Glass Kitchen Pendant Lighting

It’s a smart and stunning alternative to chandelier with the same wonderful effect.

  • Classic Luxury Glass Kitchen Pendant Lighting with Golden Metal

In a kitchen with old-style luxury setting and white palette domination, the touch of glass pendant lighting with golden metal simply adds more luxurious sense.

Classic Luxury Kitchen Glass Pendant Lighting With Golden Metal

Hanged above the island with lots of natural light from big glass window, the overall kitchen look is simply irresistible.

  • Modern Blue Glass Pendant Lighting

A modern kitchen setting deserves the futuristic elegant glass pendant light in blue. It blends beautifully with blue Maya wall palette and dark hardwood flooring.

Modern Blue Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Hanged in two different locations, over the island and the sink, allows the lights to dominate.

  • Contemporary Crystal Kitchen Pendant Lighting with Multiple Small Lamps

Pendant lighting in contemporary style is a gift for contemporary kitchen. The pendant shade made from crystal clear glass allows the bulb light to be reflected in a beautiful way.

Contemporary Crystal Kitchen Pendant Lighting With Multiple Small Lamps

Customization showed by the addition for small lamps providing lighting to all areas in the kitchen.

  • Modern Elegant Pendant Lighting in Glass-Metal Shade

Fusion of two elements, glass and metal to create beautiful and elegant shade doesn’t fail. The pendant set consists of two lamp look sturdy yet luxury.

Modern Elegant Pendant Lighting In Glass Metal Shade

It doesn’t take too long to steal all the attention in a white palette kitchen.

  • Unique Two Rattan Kitchen Pendant Lighting

The choice of rattan for the shade shows an influence from Asian house being delivered to this modern kitchen.

Unique Two Rattan Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Big shades size becomes the most prominent feature to blend into the kitchen with strong hardwood dominance.

  • Unique Bottle-Inspired Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

Small kitchen looks extraordinary with unique pendant lighting in a bottle-like inspired pendant shades. The crystal clear shades are beautifully hanged over the islands.

Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Unique Bottle Inspired

The colorless shades become gorgeous neutral element to balance the atmosphere.

  • Rustic Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting with Metal Caged Glass Shades

All out with rustic style pendant lighting allows the classic-eclectic kitchen to stand out in crowds. Gorgeous rustic caged shades are appealing and prominent in character.

Rustic Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting With Metal Caged Glass Shades

It adds another element in a multi-element kitchen setting.

  • Bright Maroon Cylinder Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island

Modern kitchen instantly transformed into a vibrant kitchen with lively bright maroon pendant light.

Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Island Bright Maroon Cylinder

The glass patterned shades are unusually unique and appealing. It adds character to the area with multi element.

  • Single Oval Cylinder Black and White Pendant Light Kitchen

Pendant above small black granite island is an artwork. Patterned shades in black and white add another character to the kitchen in white palette.

Pendant Light Kitchen Single Oval Cylinder Black And White

The oval cylinder shape is in harmony with curvy rectangular island and creates a stunning mixture.

  • Old-Styled Metal Pendant Kitchen Lights

Full kitchen in white palette is a wonderful place for the mirrored metal pendant lighting to afloat and steals the attention.

Metal Pendant Kitchen Lights Old Styled

Instead of going modern, it is appearing in classic old-style shades to give signature character.

  • Contemporary Luxury Round Cylinder Pendant Lighting Kitchen Island

Metal is a stunning choice to accentuate the customized contemporary look.

Pendant Lighting Kitchen Island Contemporary Luxury Round Cylinder

This piece of art is beautifully floating above the island and provides gorgeous reflected light to every corner of the contemporary kitchen.

  • Urban Dark Shade Modern Pendant Lighting Kitchen

As urban-style house design is getting more crowds, this stunning urban style pendant lighting with black metal shades is great complementary piece of art.

Urban Dark Shade Modern Pendant Lighting Kitchen

It characterizes the kitchen and reflect slights in a uniquely beautiful way.

  • Modern Crystal Pendant Lighting with Metal Shade Over Kitchen Island

For a touch of modernity, crystal shades never fail to work. Floating with support from metal construction, this futuristic pendant lighting soothes the mood and provokes creativity.

Modern Crystal Pendant Lighting With Metal Shade Over Kitchen Island

It successfully complements open-plan kitchen setting and furniture.

  • Stunning Contemporary Small Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

Forget big shades concept and embrace small shades. This triple lighting with small crystal shades is an exceptional beauty. It’s charming and whispering its beauty.

Small Pendant Lighting For Kitchen Stunning Contemporary Design

Floating on top of hardwood kitchen island below natural hardwood ceiling, this pendant lighting definitely has its way to glory.

What do you think about our collection of pendant lighting for kitchen above? Hopefully that is inspire you!

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