Living Room Lighting Ideas: 15 Aesthetically Pleasing Ideas

Best Living Room Lighting Ideas

Before you decide, remember that the living room lighting ideas will play a huge role in determining the mood of the space.

Whether it’s bright and sophisticated or classy elegant, lighting can truly make or break your overall decoration effort.

These gorgeous lighting ideas will inspire the best setting for your living room.

  • Beautiful Lighting Ideas for Living Room

The owner of the house is beautifully using the lighting to subtly shift everyone’s attention to the decorative part of the living room.

Beautiful Ideas For Living Room Lighting

Its like the three identical paintings on the wooden wall and the three shining lamp on the wall art.

  • Contemporary Living Room Lighting

Subtle lighting that softly illuminate the space is highly favored for contemporary living rooms. Instead of directly illuminate the sofa, the overhead fixture is tilted to create a subtle decorative accent above the area.

Contemporary Living Room Lighting

We also notice how the yellow LED lighting adds a warm touch to the space.

  • Elegant Lighting for Living Room

Having a few types of lighting in the living room will benefit the owner to create different mood each time.

Elegant Lighting For Living Room

When you’re yearning for a more elegant ambient, simply turn off the hanging fixture and illuminate the space with the recessed light above the window.

  • Hanging Lights for Living Room

A gorgeous vintage inspired living room decor wouldn’t be complete without the addition of a lovely geometric hanging lights.

Hanging Lights For Living Room

Made of golden frames with multiple arms, it will lighten up the space with a timeless charm.

  • Interior Lighting Design for Living Room

With many interesting object to highlight in the living room, a direct lighting would actually distract people.

Interior Lighting Design For Living Room

Consider using accent lighting with opaque shades that adds interest to every decorative object you consider important.

  • Lighting Design for Living Room

It’s hard to ignore the impression that the main decorative element of this living room is actually the lighting. A very elegant approach in using different type of lighting in the same tone to create a dramatic look to the space.

Lighting Design For Living Room

From the accent lamp, recessed light, to the gorgeous pendant lamp, everything is on point.

  • Lighting Ideas for Living Room

The lighting preference is different with each home owner, some prefer a dimmer illumination with ambient lighting for an elegant and romantic atmosphere.

Lighting Ideas For Living Room

Also consider using uplighting and floor lighting for a more dramatic look.

  • Recessed Lighting for Living Room

If your version of unwinding the stress after a hectic day at work is by spending a quality time with your loved ones on the living room, this would be a great lighting example.

Lighting Living Room

Spare the chandelier for formal events, and let the room softly glows with the illumination from the recessed and ambient lights.

  • Lights for Living Room

One of the most important lighting option that you should not ignore, is the natural streams of sunlight through the beautiful windows.

Lights For Living Room

It will amplify the natural glow of the wooden flooring and brings a warm familiar vibe to the space.

  • Living Room with Ceiling Lights

Lighting can be an understated decorative element for the living room.

Living Room Ceiling Lights

We need to see more people using different kind of ceiling lights, from recessed light to focal lamp, in a certain arrangement that will add to the aesthetic appeal of the living room.

  • Living Room Lighting Design

A small living room can be a beautiful place to spend time with families and friends with enough natural lighting.

Living Room Lighting Design

We can see how the natural light from the large window on the other side of the room and from the small window above the sofa, helped in creating an inviting atmosphere.

  • Healthy Living Room Lighting Ideas

A healthy living room needs its daily dose of sunlight every morning. That is why we insist on having large windows for the purpose.

Living Room Lighting Ideas

And when sun goes down, the living room would still look beautiful with an elegant hanging fixture that will prettily illuminate the room.

  • Country Living Room Lighting

For those of you yearning for some country charm to the living room, a modern version of iron candle holder will certainly adorn your living room.

Living Room Lighting

It will go along with the exposed brick wall and the white slanted woods.

  • Modern Lighting for Living Room

A modern decor design demands a clean and uncluttered space with minimum furnishing.

Modern Lighting Living Room

The modern appeal of this living room will be enhanced with addition of the decorative, structured hanging fixtures above the coffee table and a uniquely-shaped metal side lamp.

  • Modern Living Room Lighting

The playful touch from the orange chair and throw pillows soften the clean lines. Both of them sleek surfaces of this particular living room.

Modern Living Room Lighting

The house owner’s choice of lighting is exquisitely delightful that it blends the whole element of the room together.

Once again, lighting can make or break your perfect living room. Other than the physical shape of the lighting fixture, you should highly consider the type of glow it offers.

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