Maroon Bathroom: Luscious and Inviting Ideas to Inspire Your Next Makeover

Best Maroon Bathrooms

Having a maroon bathroom will take your shower experience to a whole new level of relaxing. The color itself will envelope the space with a warm and inviting atmosphere to unwind the stress and regain moments of clarity.

There are many creative approaches to incorporate this warm color to your bathroom. See our gallery below for a splash of inspiration.

  • Exciting White and Maroon Bathroom Ideas

The maroon wall and white framed window becomes the anchor of the bathroom decor.

Bathroom Maroon And White Ideas

The rest of the space is immediately taking on the maroon and white elements with the excitement addition of small square tiles that gives a sparkling impression.

  • Small Contemporary Bathroom Design Ideas with Maroon Sink Cabinet

This is a very excellent example of maximizing a limited bathroom space.

Contemporary Maroon Bathroom Design Ideas

You don’t need to give up on indulging yourself with a nice hot bath after a hectic day. Neither do you have to skimp on the bathroom cabinet to organize everything.

  • Luxurious and Elegant Maroon Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you are looking for an elegant and inviting atmosphere to dress your spacious bathroom, maroon will definitely help you achieve the goal.

Luxurious Maroon Bathroom Decorating Ideas Elegant Design

The walls of this bathroom is painted with white and maroon to give a fresh and alluring look at the same time.

  • Modern and Grey Minimalist Maroon Bathroom Design Ideas

The gloss from the floating sink cabinet and the mesmerizing impression from the maroon. It makes that side of the wall as perfect focal point for the bathroom.

Maroon And Grey Bathroom Design Ideas Minimalist Design

It brings the modern and minimalist bathroom to live with passionate atmosphere. Also, check out how you can use the wall by the bathtub side to showcase memorable pictures.

  • Beautiful Bathroom with Maroon and Tan Wall

We always love the familiar feeling of traditional bathroom, with those standalone bathtub, toilet and sink.

Maroon And Tan Bathroom Ideas

The home owner have decided to spice up the area with a maroon accent wall, right in the middle between the hanging cabinet and floating shelves.

  • Simple Small Maroon Bathroom

Having a standalone shower area with glass partition is a very good choice for bathrooms with limited space. It blends every part of the area together with no blocking.

Maroon Simple Small Bathroom

Using maroon cabinets to organize the bathroom necessities will not only keep the bathroom clutter-free. It is also add an elegant touch to the space.

  • Tropical Inspired Maroon Bathroom Color Ideas

We don’t know about you, but the tropical atmosphere is strong with this bathroom.

Maroon Bathroom Color Ideas Tropical Ideas

From the patterned wall behind the mirror that resembles bamboo curtain to the beautiful mosaic tiles arrangement behind the toilet that reminds us of a sandy beach.

  • Retro Cool Style Maroon Bathroom

We are pretty sure that teen girls and young woman will love this simple bathroom.

Maroon Bathroom Cool Design Retro Ideas

Its not from the warm and inviting color, but the charming retro touch from the patterned bathtub curtain and sink cabinet.

  • Mediteranian-Inspired Maroon Bathroom Decor

The natural texture and character from the stone tiles on the floor and the lower bottom of the walls goes awesomely well with the deep maroon paint on the upper part of the bathroom wall.

Maroon Bathroom Decor Mediteranian Inspired

We can also feel the beautiful Mediteranian feel from the iron element around the area.

  • Stylish Maroon Bathroom Design Ideas

We would really love to spend a whole afternoon enjoying a warm bath and feast our eyes to the energizing maroon accents.

Maroon Bathroom Design Stylish Ideas

The bathroom looks incredibly stylish by combining white tiles, light wooden flooring and maroon accent on the shelves.

  • Classy and Artsy Maroon Bathroom

Emphasize your classy taste with a deep maroon background to make sure other decorative elements pop out and steal the attention.

Maroon Bathroom Classy And Artsy Ideas

Thanks to the maroon walls and black floor. We can see the beautiful ornamental details from the small table and the intricate design of the iron lamp hanging above the kitchen sink.

  • Bathroom with Checkered Maroon Tiles

This is heavily inspired by Roman bathroom.

Maroon Bathroom Checkered Tiles Ideas

The home owner decided to line the floor with checkered maroon and white tiles to go along with the glossy maroon tiles on the half lower part of the walls. A Roman style bucket and chest statue are placed around the space to emphasize the bathroom theme.

  • Sleek White and Maroon Bathroom

We always love it when a bathroom feature gives a glimpse of the outdoor or complemented aquarium with live fishes to entertain use.

Sleek White And Maroon Color Bathroom Ideas

This gorgeous sleek bathroom is looking flirty with the glossy maroon tiles and ornamental details on the wall right by the sink cabinet.

  • Modern En-Suite Maroon Bathroom

There is a certain privilege of having an en-suite bathroom to complement your luxurious bedroom.

Modern Maroon Bathroom Design

Imagine stepping into this beautifully designed bathroom to wash away the stress under the hot shower. We absolutely adore how the simplicity and elegance arrangement make the bathroom appear larger.

  • Small and Compact Maroon Bathroom Design Ideas

Packing the shower and bath into one compact area has successfully make this bathroom spare quite some space to move around easily.

Small Compact Maroon Bathroom Design Ideas

Replacing those draped bathroom curtains with glass panel will keep the remaining area of the bathroom dry and airy.

Incorporating warm color like maroon has its own benefit. Beside creating a deep and inviting character to the bathroom, it also offer you a chance to highlight certain area.

We highly recommend combining maroon with clean white for a delightful contrast to dress your bathroom.

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