Metal Wall Art Decor: 15 Artistic Marvelous Ideas

Best Metal Wall Arts

These metal wall art decors will adorn your space with its trendy and artistic 3-dimentional appeal.

With unique and exciting shapes, these metal wall art will immediately draw everyone’s gaze and at the same time amplify the theme of a certain room.

So, if you’re looking to give an artsy touch to your space, these metal wall art decor can be your inspiration.

  • Wood and Metal Abstract Wall Art

Each of the three panels on this wall art is made of metal and wood material, processed to enhance its character and textures.

Abstract Metal Wall Art

When installed together, it creates a beautiful painting-like impression.

  • Bird Cage Black Metal Wall Art

This black metal art features beautiful decorative bird cages in unique shapes, complete with a few flying birds.

Black Metal Wall Art Birdcage

During the day, it would look prettily adorn the living room with it’s beautiful shape, but would dramatically enhance the mood of the space with the soft illumination from the LED lamp inside each cage.

  • Butterfly Metal Wall Art Decor

This beautiful metal art made of tempered iron, white metal, and colorful beads, in the shape of fluttering butterflies and flower burst.

Butterfly Metal Wall Art Decor

It will perfectly adorn the front foyer area or maybe the girl’s bedroom.

  • Wide and Colorful Metal Wall Art Decor

If oil paintings or flower arrangement are not your cup of tea to bring more color to your living room, this beautiful metal wall art might be your choice.

Colorful Metal Wall Art Decor

Consisted of 4 panels with gradients of colors and curved texture that will liven up the space.

  • Creative Contemporary Branches Metal Wall Decor

Don’t let the neutral color scheme on the dining room makes everything bland and plain.

Contemporary Metal Wall Decor Creative Branches

Refresh the look by adding this creative branches metal wall art with round mirror panels above the credenza.

  • Large Metal Painting Wall Art

That is not an oil painting on canvas hanging above the sectional sofa, well it indeed looked like one, but it’s actually acrylic painting on metal.

Large Painting Metal Wall Art

Amazingly artistic isn’t it? Perfect to add an interesting focal point to your contemporary living room.

  • Pretty Birds Metal Wall Art

This mixed material wall art features a playful and calming vibe to liven up any room.

[ Image replaced to the Trash ]


The shape and aesthetic appeal is versatile to be incorporated into any decor theme, would stand out even more on rustic or shabby chic room decor.

  • Flower Metal Wall Art

Invite the spring atmosphere to brighten up the mood of your space, with lovely petals and soft colors.

Metal Flower Wall Art

This metal wall art contains several metal flowers painted mainly with white and yellow in a diagonal arrangement.

  • Tree Metal Wall Art

Welcome your guests with a delightful view of this beautiful metal tree wall art on slanted wood background.

Metal Tree Wall Art

The tree silhouette is beautifully made of thin textured metal that brings about a sense of calmness and peace.

  • Coffee Cup Metal Wall Art Design

For the coffee aficionado home owners out there, this wall art might speak to you.

Metal Wall Art Coffee Cup Design

The beautiful curves from this metal wall art will immediately remind everyone to grab their cup of coffee and enjoy a relaxing time.

  • Peacock Metal Wall Clock

We are pretty sure that you will never late going anywhere ever again with a wall clock like this in the living room.

Metal Wall Clock With Peacock Design

Magnificently designed in the shape of peacock, complete with colorful gemstones that adds a luxurious touch to room.

  • Round Tree Metal Wall Decor

Not only do we love the color scheme and the overall nature decoration of this living room, but we absolutely adore the calming vibe that comes from round metal tree on the accent wall.

Metal Wall Decor Round Tree

It wraps all the element in the space into one exquisitely delightful setting.

  • Black Modern Metal Branches Wall Art Decor Ideas

This is the perfect versatile metal wall art if you want to transform any room into an artsy space.

Modern Metal Wall Art Decor Ideas

It consist of three panels that showcases dramatic black tree branches, like the ones you’d see during winter.

  • Squares Modern Metal Wall Decor

This impressive metal wall art made of multiple square metal frames would be perfect to decorate an industrial or steam punk inspired room.

Modern Metal Wall Decor

The unique beauty from different metal colors in a singe arrangement has proven to be aesthetically appealing.

  • Red Tree Metal Wall Art

The gorgeous and artistic shape of this metal wall art is looking dramatic with vibrant leaf-shaped accent.

Red Metal Wall Art

Consider installing this one of a kind metal art on your monochrome contemporary living room.

Now that you know metal wall art decor doesn’t always have to come with a strong masculine character. Are you ready to bring one of these to adorn your home?


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