15 Modern Canopy Bed Designs and Statements

Best Modern Canopy Beds

Modern Canopy Bed – A clutter free modern bedroom setting has a distinctive strong characteristic, incomparable to classic traditional setting. A bold statement, edgy cut furniture and vibrant color palette are three things distinguishing this design setting to others.

Modern canopy bed is an appealing part of the design after all. Though this bed style was mostly related to traditional setting but with the new edgy cut, it is transformed into a piece of modern furniture. We have some collections below to inspire you!

  • Contemporary White Metal Canopy Bed

Solid white canopy bed with small round pillars definitely represents the spirit of a contemporary piece of furniture.

Contemporary White Metal Canopy Bed

In a soft grey room setting, the white bed strikingly unique and strong in characters. A loveseat adds its functional value.

  • Modern Metal Canopy Bed with Headboards

Headboards are not just for classic and traditional bed. Applied in a modern bed, the headboards echo elegance and luxury of the bed frame.

Modern Metal Canopy Bed With Headboards

Sharp edgy cutting is exactly what a modern bedroom design needs.

  • Mushroom Grey Hardwood Canopy Bed

Quality hardwood in mushroom grey shows a true glimpse of luxurious design.

Mushroom Grey Hardwood Canopy Bed

Wide and thick hardwood cut accentuates the level of quality. Strong pillars show a dramatic modern side of the bed.

  • Black Wood Canopy Bed Contemporary Design

The endless option of wood canopy bed is showed by this dramatic bed setting in black. The color statement is bold and the design of right on top of the ground is a wonderful customized setting.

Black Wood Canopy Bed Contemporary Design

In a bedroom with light wooden flooring and grey plastered wall, the bed looks grand.

  • Modern Girl Canopy Bed with Curtains

A neutral bedroom setting with white wall palette can even be transformed into a girl bedroom once the pink canopy bed with curtains is placed.

Modern Girl Canopy Bed With Curtains

Headboards show off its elegance and the curtains add dramatic touch.

  • Modern Dark Brown Hardwood Canopy Bed with Bamboo Headboard

A dark brown canopy bed brings a touch of nature with unique bamboo headboard. The result is an excellent piece of furniture.

Modern Dark Brown Hardwood Canopy Bed With Bamboo Headboard

In a bedroom with natural beige flooring, the dark brown bed frame brings out a beautiful fusion.

  • King Size Modern Metal Canopy Bed

Complementing a modern bedroom setting with dark flooring and black area rug, a touch of bright canopy bed is a pleasant.

King Size Modern Metal Canopy Bed

Its sense of elegance is even enhanced with white headboard. Metal is chosen thanks to its sophisticated appearance.

  • Modern Enignum-Style Canopy Bed

High end curvy canopy inspired by Enignum bed is current’s craze. It’s strikingly astonishing and characterized. A simple fabric headboard offers a touch of comfort.

Modern Enignum Style Canopy Bed

Dark brown finish is beautiful addition to a grey-dominated bedroom.

  • On The Ground Dark Brown Canopy Bed

Instead of a legged bed frame, legless bed frame is more care-free. The square edgy pillars offer an elegance way of protection.

Dark Brown Canopy Bed On The Ground

Completed with a wood rectangular love seat and square vanity table, this furniture set an exceptional beauty.

  • Modern Unfinished Natural Canopy Bed

Furnishing a brick wall modern bedroom design, unfinished canopy bed in bright natural palette appears outstanding. This queen size bed is added with white curtain for luxury appearance.

Modern Unfinished Natural Canopy Bed

With a rectangular vanity table, the set comes as perfection.

  • High Class Tortilla Canopy Bed with Headboard

The element of headboard never fails to create a beautiful luxurious modern bedroom setting. In a white painted bedroom with dark flooring, the canopy stands most characterized.

High Class Tortilla Canopy Bed With Headboard

Simple loveseat with high quality fabric accentuates the appearance.

  • Exquisite Modern Canopy Bed White Color

In modern bedroom design dictionary, the color of white is stressed multiple times. So, when a white wood canopy bed is available, the unfinished brick wall looks more special.

Modern White Canopy Bed

This curtain-free bed is solution to a simple bedroom setting.

  • King Size Unfinished Natural Bed with Patterned Loveseat

A master suite bedroom in a modern house calls for something beyond expectation. This quality hardwood canopy bed and patterned loveseat is the closest to dream.

King Size Unfinished Natural Bed With Patterned Loveseat

It nicely blends with area carpet and bright color palette.

  • Modern Pipe Canopy Bed with Simple Headboard

Instead of hardwood, pipe is a unique alternative to creating pillars for the canopy bed. The classic grey matches the unique hanging lights atop the bed.

Modern Pipe Canopy Bed With Simple Headboard

Thin silk curtain gives a touch of elegance and comfort.

  • Grand Natural Golden Wood Canopy Bed

Master suite bedroom with a king size canopy bed in natural golden wood echoes it elegance and beauty. The sharp pillars cut accentuate the modernity and confirms the grand design.

Golden Wood Canopy Bed Grand Natural Style

The loveseat and small dresser complement this furniture set.

What do you thinks about the designs above? Hopefully that is inspire you.

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