15 Sophisticated Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Best Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas

What’s a modern dining room without the perfect lighting to reflect your sophisticated taste?

Let’s leave behind the ornamental designs and intricate wooden details to spare some room for the sleek and geometric fixtures to shine.

Check out our exciting collection of modern lighting to illuminate your dining room.

  • Round Lamp Modern Dining Room Lighting

With a spectacular view of the lavish green forest on the outside and the beautiful brown walls, let’s illuminate the space with floating round lamps.

Round Lamp Modern Dining Room Lighting

Place it above the wooden dining set to blend modern with nature.

  • String Lamp Modern Dining Room Lighting

Maintaining fluidity in a contemporary style dining room can be tricky, but not impossible to achieve.

String Lamp Modern Dining Room Lighting

With the decorative branches on the corner and the wooden dining set represent nature’s elements, the three string lamps will blend every detail into one beautiful modern dining room.

  • White Color

We can see a subtle vintage touch from the white lamp cap above the solid black dining table.

White Modern Dining Room Lighting

It’s always nice to see combination of elements from different era without disrupting the clean lines and sleek surfaces of modern style decor.

  • Silver Balls Ideas

Embrace the futuristic element for your dining room with lamps that looked like liquid silvers are suspended above the black modern dining table.

Silver Balls Modern Dining Room Lighting

It also goes great with the bright white walls and the metal framed dining chairs.

  • Round Framed Design

Feature a hint of old time charm by hanging a geometric framed lamp above the classic round dining set.

Round Framed Modern Dining Room Lighting

Isn’t it intriguing how something slightly vintage can emphasize the modern design of this dining room?

  • Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Modern style dining room can quite plain with the lack of texture and color in the area.

Contemporary Dining Room Lighting Ideas

Lighting fixture with unique shapes gives you a chance to add an exciting twist to a modern room and still boast an edgy and sophisticated style.

  • Raindrop Design

Incorporating nature’s element is a great way to add a familiar warmth to your modern space.

Dining Room Lighting Modern

Having a lighting fixture that resembles morning raindrops will have you dine with a tranquil and serene feeling.

  • Floral Lighting Fixture

Traditional dining room setting features a timeless charm that feels familiar to everyone entering the room.

Dining Room Modern Lighting

For a pretty touch of nature that will lasts as the seasons changed, a floral lighting fixture will blend modern taste and traditional setting perfectly.

  • Chic Rectangular Hanging Lamp

If a monochrome decor theme fits your taste but you want to showcase your infatuation with ethnic patterns and elements, long decorative paintings on the corner will definitely shift everyone’s attention.

Modern Dining Light

With the focal points on the other side of the wall, keep the lighting simple and chic with a rectangular hanging light.

  • Artsy Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas in Black Color

We love it when people are incorporating their passion into the decor.

Modern Dining Room Lighting Ideas

For example, this exquisite modern dining room looked playfully artsy with clear glass dining table and a beautiful painting on one side of the wall, so why not enhance the look with unique shaped lighting fixtures to light up the room?

  • Industrial Style

Industrial style dining rooms are having it’s golden moment today, as more people crave the unfinished aesthetic.

Modern Dining Room Lighting

Stripped off from unnecessary decorative details and frilly elements. A black hanging lamp will definitely add a solid statement to your industrial space.

  • Rectangular Crystal Idea

We absolutely love the blend of clean straight lines and sleek surfaces on the inside and the fluidity of sprawling ocean view on the outside.

Modern Dining Table Lighting

The rectangular crystal lighting above the modern dining set will enhance everyone’s dining experience without distracting from the scenic view.

  • Yellow Color Idea

Don’t let a predominantly white dining room looked plain and boring.

Modern Dining Table Lights

Jazz up the overall vibe with a snazzy yellow lighting and a yellow flower arrangement that will brighten up the space.

  • Faux-Candle Tray Design

Can’t resist the charming appeal of vintage candle tray holders? This beautiful hanging fixture reminiscent candle holders has been refined and modified to fit modern designed dining room.

Modern Lighting Dining Room

What a pleasant twist.

  • Simple and Elegant

We know how symmetry and balance is highly favored for a contemporary and modern dining room. But that shouldn’t stop you from exploring additional shapes and textures for details.

Modern Lighting For Dining Room

This hanging lamp for example, gives a distinct familiar character to the rather formal dining room.

When choosing the perfect lighting for your dining room, think of a hearty dinner with all the people you love in the same table. That should inspire you in finding the perfect lighting to enhance the mood of the dining room.

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