Outdoor Lighting Design: 15 Amazing Ideas

Best Outdoor Lighting Designs

Important feature for great landscaping is outdoor lighting design. It beautifies the space and makes sure that the outdoor space can be a 24 hours entertainment spot.

Even, the simplest lighting can change the atmosphere. Green landscaping during the day turns into elegant and romantic landscaping during the night. The lighting effect definitely enhances the appearance and catches your guests’ attention right away.

Check out below some ideas and inspirations for outdoor lighting ideas.

  • Romantic Round Floating Lighting Shades for Swimming Pool

At the back of the house, a modern swimming pool is made perfect with several round floating lighting shades. A few lighting shades are randomly place on the tiles.

Romantic Round Floating Lighting Shades For Swimming Pool

White lighting effect blends beautifully with white wall palette of the house.

  • Modern Vanity Lighting Fixtures for Front Yard

A contemporary house made from concrete looks beautifully enchanting with vanity lighting fixtures.

Modern Vanity Lighting Fixtures For Front Yard

Combination of white and yellow lighting effect creates soothing and romantic atmosphere in concrete front yard.

  • Classic Hanging Lights for Outdoor Kitchen

Hanging lights in classic shape shades provide soothing lighting effect for outdoor kitchen.

Classic Hanging Lights For Outdoor Kitchen

The natural wood kitchen set reflects the light in a gorgeous way. Stainless steel appliances counter attack the wood dominance.

  • Recessed Lighting in Contemporary Backyard Design

Modern yet gorgeous is recessed lighting.

Recessed Lighting In Contemporary Backyard Design

That is so beautiful. It’s a yellow lighting effect installed on the ceiling of contemporary backyard with modern glass swimming pool, cozy sectional sofa and green grass yard.

  • Traditional Patio On-Wall Lighting

In a stone dominant patio exterior design, the classic iron steel-glass on wall lighting shade adds a classical touch.

Traditional Patio On Wall Lighting

Rattan patio chairs with suede upholstery, an open fireplace and multiple small coffee tables create beautiful atmosphere.

  • Pathway Iron Standing Lighting for Front Yard

Lighting up the pathway to the front door is classic exterior design. The lighting is reflected beautifully on glossy stone pathway surrounded by colorful plants and flowers.

Pathway Iron Standing Lighting For Front Yard

Stone-concrete wall house enhances the classic traditional mood.

  • Pathway Exterior Ground Fixtures for Backyard

Ground fixtures lighting in the backyard gives a soothing atmosphere. Yellow lighting color is chose for its classic effect.

Pathway Exterior Ground Fixtures For Backyard

The stone stairs leading to lower backyard surrounded by green plants and wood gate enhance the mood.

  • Ground Fixtures in Modern Rooftop Patio

With the sky as the ceiling, the modern rooftop ratio with whirlpool is made perfect with soothing ground fixtures.

Ground Fixtures In Modern Rooftop Patio

Wood flooring makes a nice pair with concrete-glass wall on top of the building. A set of patio chair and table offers nice spot for relaxing.

  • Wall Mounted Outdoor Lighting Design for Terrace

Wall mounted lighting creates beautiful ambience to outdoor terrace with wood wall and flooring.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Lighting Design For Terrace

Rattan sofa with upholstery, unfinished wood crate table, gray area rug, and small pot mounted on the wall are nice complements.

  • Recessed and Vanity Outdoor Lighting for Backyard Swimming Pool

Modern patio and backyard with rectangular swimming pool is made gorgeous with a combination of recessed and vanity lighting.

Recessed And Vanity Outdoor Lighting For Backyard Swimming Pool

A set of outdoor wood dining table, pots with various plants, wood flooring and concrete wall creates natural backyard setting with a touch of modernity.

  • Contemporary Backyard Pool with Ground Fixtures and Recessed Lighting

Glass concrete contemporary house design deserves modern lighting setting for the backyard pool.

Contemporary Backyard Pool With Ground Fixtures And Recessed Lighting

A mixture of recessed lighting on the pool and ground fixture placed randomly across the backyard is beautifully perfect.

  • Wall Mounted and Standing Lighting in Backyard Pool

Modern pool design with stone tiles and mini garden receives gorgeous night landscaping from standing lighting with torch bulb and wall mounted iron glass lighting shades.

Wall Mounted And Standing Lighting In Backyard Pool

Patio pool chairs and classic statues by the pool complement the whole design.

  • Long Standing Cylinder Shade with Torch Lighting Effect

Looking for some dramatic lighting? This standing white cylinder shade with torch lighting effect is the first on the list.

Long Standing Cylinder Shade With Torch Lighting Effect

Placed on the stone tiles in the backyard, it blends dramatically with carved iron entrance wall.

  • Round Ground Lighting-Pot Fixtures

Multipurpose round glass lighting shade for both lighting and pot is randomly placed in the backyard with wood open patio house and various plants.

Round Ground Lighting Pot Fixtures

The opaque glass shell beautifully reflects the light from the yellow bulb inside the shade.

  • Ground and Recessed Lighting for Front Yard

Classic 19th American house receives stunning night landscaping from both ground and recessed lighting for its front yard filled with green plants.

Ground And Recessed Lighting For Front Yard

The coarse stone wall adds dramatic touch to the lighting effect.

What do you think about some ideas above? Hopefully that’s can inspire you!

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