Purple Bedroom Ideas for Master Suite, Guest and Girl’s Bedroom

Best Purple Bedroom Ideas

Unusual color with soothing ambience is purple. The purple bedroom ideas definitely can become the signature style of the house.

The touch of purple can be put anywhere from purple wall palette, purple area rug, purple pendant lights to bedroom set. Even small details in purple can catch lots of attention. This color creates such fashion-inspired bedroom setting that makes the bedroom has a strong character.

Below we have some ideas that can inspire you. Check it out!

  • Purple Suede Wall Bedroom with Purple Bedding

Purple wall is rich in character especially when the wall is covered with purple suede upholstery with a strong touch of elegance.

Purple Suede Wall Bedroom With Purple Bedding

The dark wood bed frame with white bed and purple bedding is nicely paired. Gray area rug, double vanity lamps, transparent separator curtain and a pendant light make beautiful details.

  • Fashion-Inspired Purple Bedroom Ideas for Girls

A bedroom for girl should be rich in arts. The dark purple wall palette dominates the setting and is nicely blending with white wood bedroom set of bed frame, drawers and a table.

Fashion Inspired Purple Bedroom Ideas For Girls

Beautiful framed sketches are mounted on the wall for accessories.

  • Luxury Master Suite Bedroom in Purple

Purple for master suite is always perfect. The wall palette combines two purple shades of dark purple and bright purple.

Luxury Purple Master Bedroom Suite

An elegance white bedroom with headboard makes a nice combination along with white vanity table. Pendant light with metal shade above the bedroom comes as unique focal point.

  • Kids Purple Bedroom with Bunk Bed

Having two girls mean a need for bunk bed. A purple color setting is chosen to represent the feminine touch and the customized soft purple bunk bed blends in very nicely.

Kids Purple Bedroom With Bunk Bed

Even the purple bedding, chair and area rug are as stunning as other existing elements.

  • Modern Elegance Purple Guest Bedroom

Dark purple patterned wall palette represents strong bedroom character. Frameless bed in purple adds beautiful focal point with purple bedding and triple gold pendant lighting.

Modern Elegance Purple Guest Bedroom

Unique black vanity table made from ceramic gives artistic touch.

  • Classic Girl’s Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

Purple wall palette dominates the bedroom setting and is nicely paired with soft pink rug flooring and white vanity lamps.

Classic Girls Purple Bedroom Design Ideas

Both the bedding and curtains are customized with patterned fabric in purple. Single loveseat with orange upholstery makes a nice final touch.

  • Modern Purple Guest Bedroom with Pillars

To add a touch of majestic bedroom setting, two round white pillars are placed behind the bedroom.

Modern Purple Guest Bedroom With Pillars

Soft purple wall is beautifully paired with double purple curtain and natural bright wood flooring. Classic glass chandelier and white bedroom set balance the color setting.

  • Modern Luxury Master Suite Purple Bedroom Design

Average size master suite is dominated with purple setting. The wall palette combines purple and white with stripes to create a balanced look.

Modern Luxury Master Suite Purple Bedroom Design

The luxury purple area rug steals attention along with purple bedding on white metal bed. A purple loveseat appears with customized design similar to the make up table set.

  • Contemporary Spacious Purple Bedroom with Lots Natural Light

The wall palette is rather dark gray purple combined with soft gray to create a soothing ambience. Gray glossy hardwood flooring is in a nice contrast with white bedroom set of bed frame, vanity table and closet.

Contemporary Spacious Purple Bedroom With Lots Natural Light

Single round loveseat seems cozy with soft upholstery. Big glass window lets more natural light to enter the room.

  • Elegant Master Suite Dark Purple Bedroom Ideas

Strong elegance atmosphere is seen from glossy dark purple curtains in a bedroom with patterned black wallpaper. The white ceiling is chosen to create the contrast along with white flooring.

Elegant Master Suite Dark Purple Bedroom Ideas

Dark purple and black bed with headboard is another elegance piece of furniture. Modern black chandelier and black vanity table comes as a pair.

  • White and Purple Bedroom Ideas

To balance the strong purple characters coming from the curtains, area rugs and bedding, white palette is given to the ceiling, wall and flooring.

White And Purple Bedroom Ideas

A black single loveseat comes as a pair with the black bed frame that comes together with black headboard.

  • Traditional Luxury Purple Guest Bedroom

Black wood bed frame with hand carving represents the dominant traditional setting of the bedroom.

Traditional Luxury Purple Guest Bedroom

Purple bedding is paired with beautiful purple and black curtains covering the big glass window. Natural bright wood flooring and white wall palette create soothing atmosphere.

  • Luxury Purple Master Suite Bedroom with Loveseat

Spacious master bedroom is looking luxurious with dark purple wall palette. The flooring and ceiling is kept in white to create the contrast.

Luxury Purple Master Suite Bedroom With Loveseat

Cozy black loveseat with suede upholstery offers elegant touch along with black bed frame and headboard. Decorative mirror with golden frame is mounted above classic white drawers.

  • Modern Elegant Light Purple Bedroom with King Size Bed

A bedroom with full brown rug deserves a touch of elegance from purple and white wall palette, white ceiling, and black built in closet with mirror.

Modern Elegant Light Purple Bedroom With King Size Bed

The black bedroom with headboard comes as a pair with black vanity table and drawers. Built in open wall storage is filled with beautiful lighting fixtures for decoration.

  • Modern Purple Bedroom Ideas with White Ceramic Tiles

Two colors in one area can always create nice combination. This time, the beautiful purple is paired with white. A purple white wall palette is in beautiful contrast with white ceramic tiles.

Modern Purple Bedroom Ideas With White Ceramic Tiles

The white bed frame is added with purple headboards. Double white vanity table with lamp and a pot makes the final statement.

What do you think about ideas above? Hopefully that can be your inspirations for your next redecoration.

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