15 Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Beautiful Color Schemes

Best Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small bathroom design is as beautiful as big bathroom design. With the right color scheme, furniture setting and stunning decor, the bathroom can adopt various styles to create the most gorgeous bathroom.

Various elements can be added into the bathroom including wood, concrete, stone and more else. Of all decors, mirror is the right decor for the best illusion of space.

  • Modern Small Gray and White Bathroom Design

A compact full bathroom with white bathtub makes a perfect pair for small size bathroom.

Modern Small Gray And White Bathroom Design

On the same line are white undermount sink, white toilet and bathtub. Frameless mirror is placed above the sink next to the abstract picture for decor. White and gray tiles wall are chosen to create bold contrast.

  • Small Gray Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Walk In Shower

Modern rain walk in shower becomes the focal point in a gray bathroom theme.

Small Gray Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Walk In Shower

The white pedestal sink makes a nice pair with dark gray bathroom vanity. Gray wall is mixed with white ceramic tile floors for modern appearance.

  • Classic Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas with Free Standing Bathtub

An extended bathroom looks very soothing with natural hardwood floor and beautiful pendant lights.

Classic Modern Small Bathroom Design Ideas With Free Standing Bathtub

The glossy white bathroom vanity looks as modern as white free standing bathtub. A TV is also added for entertainment feature.

  • Simple Small Bathroom Design with Shower

A small bathroom size is made perfectly functional with rain walk in shower, white pedestal sink, mirror, twin small cabinets with glass doors and white toilet.

Simple Small Bathroom Design With Shower

Brown flooring and wall is chosen to create a simple bathroom profile.

  • Well Organized Black and White Small Bathroom Design Ideas

A unique black and white bathtub is added with shower on top of it. The white wall color palette blends perfectly with natural light brown wood flooring.

Well Organized Black And White Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Glass sliding door connects the bathroom with walk in closet. And the semi-pedestal sink in white ceramic is added on the vanity.

  • Natural Black and White Stone Bathroom for Small Space

Dominant element in this bathroom is black stone for both the wall and floor. It creates bold statement.

Natural Black And White Stone Bathroom For Small Space

White bathtub and sink are added to balance the color scheme. Unique ceramic-wood toilet becomes functionally aesthetic as well.

  • Luxury Small Bathroom Design with Elegant Bathtub

In a modern bathroom, elegant bathtub becomes the focal point. Opaque gray tile flooring and wall confirms the modernity.

Luxury Small Bathroom Design With Elegant Bathtub

A white drop in sink with stainless steel faucet, long mirror and built in cabinet with glass door are added.

  • Classic Elegant Small Bathroom Design Ideas with Shower

Light brown ceramic tiles are chosen for the flooring where it creates beautiful balance with brown wall palette.

Classic Elegant Small Bathroom Design Ideas With Shower

Black wood vanity with white semi pedestal sink on top looks classy. Framed mirror, abstract painting and wall mounted light make stunning details.

  • Clutter Free Classic Small Bathroom Decor with Optimum Lighting

To replace natural lighting, this bathroom comes with a double-bulb lamp with glass shade.

Clutter Free Classic Small Bathroom Decor With Optimum Lighting

The bathtub, undermount sink and toilet come in the same color of beige while the patterned flooring is white with black strips.

  • Ultra Modern Small Bathroom Decor Ideas with Semi Attic Roof

In a small medium bathroom size, the walk in shower with glass separator and rain shower gets most of the attention.

Ultra Modern Small Bathroom Decor Ideas With Semi Attic Roof

Open bathroom vanity is made from hardwood and finished in black. On top is white semi pedestal sink with modern style and frameless mirror mounted on the wall.

  • Modern Bathroom for Small Space with Traditional Touch

Modern bathroom looks soothing in traditional touch with natural brown wood flooring and wood bench.

Modern Bathroom For Small Space With Traditional Touch

Luxury rain shower enhances the bathroom’s functionality while small cabinet with opaque glass doors delivers both function and aesthetic.

  • Stunning Ruby Red Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Ruby red color scheme dominates the bathroom through its wall. White ceramic tile flooring as well as white free standing bathtub balances the ambience.

Stunning Ruby Red Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Ruby upholstered chair and beautiful crystal chandelier make stunning decor.

  • Modern Small Black and White Bathroom Ideas with Shower

In a bathroom with black and white color scheme, walk in shower with recessed lighting appears modern.

Modern Small Black And White Bathroom Ideas With Shower

The unique wood bathroom vanity accentuates the setting with semi pedestal sink in white ceramic on top of it. Black and white toilet confirms the decided color scheme.

  • Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas with Shower

Behind the door is small bathroom door with finished concrete floor, white toilet, white semi pedestal sink on top of black and white bathroom vanity and separated shower.

Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Shower

Small white window lets the natural light floods the bathroom.

  • Modern Luxury Small Bathroom with Illusion of Space

A big framed window is mounted on the wall a top the black free standing bathtub and creating illusion of space.

Modern Luxury Small Bathroom With Illusion Of Space

The classic bathroom vanity looks very beautiful with brown cabinets and plain white marble countertop. Stainless steel faucet is added to give more distinctive touch of modernity.

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