15 Small Modern Kitchen Design Ideas and Decorations

Best Small Modern Kitchen

A clutter free small modern kitchen design is an ideal match for modern homes. This kitchen design represents a coexistence of simplicity and restraint. It offers efficient design details and smart storage setting. The result is a wonderful illusion of spaciousness in a ultimate modern style.

The details are all about everything structure, sleek and hard that confirms the modernity of the kitchen.

  • Casual White Cabinetry in Small Modern Kitchen

The modern touch in the kitchen is represented by all-white cabinetry with beige wood countertop.

Casual White Cabinetry In Small Modern Kitchen

This combination is looking neutral yet attractive. Recessed above countertop lighting is added to give a lighting effect to plain backsplash. Stainless steel appliances and brown hardwood flooring make the final modern statement.

  • Ultra Modern Small Kitchen with Pendant Light

Clutter free design is shown by this small kitchen with gray wall palette and natural color cabinetry.

Ultra Modern Small Kitchen With Pendant Light

Long white kitchen island made from wood becomes the focal point along with triple modern pendant light. Ceramic tiles flooring confirm the modernity and the recessed lighting soothe the mood.

  • Soft Gray Modern Small Kitchen Design

White and gray cabinetry makes a beautiful combination with dark hardwood flooring.

Soft Gray Modern Small Kitchen Design

Blue marine backsplash creates nice pair with opaque glass cabinet doors and stainless steel appliances. White wall palette is chosen for strong modern accent.

  • Neutral Brown Small Kitchen in Modern Design

Structure, hard and sleek the impression that this kitchen gives. Combination of ceramic tile and hardwood flooring in open plan kitchen dining room is a perfect match.

Neutral Brown Small Kitchen In Modern Design

The cabinetry comes in two color shades as well, neutral brown and dark brown. Long kitchen island is multifunction to hold the stainless steel stove and food preparation area.

  • Extended Small Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen cabinet set comes with two colors, glossy solid white and opaque black. The white countertop makes a clean statement.

Extended Small Modern Kitchen Design

The soft turquoise tiling backsplash creates unique accent to the kitchen along with round lighting.

  • Classic Small Kitchen with Modern Touch

Open plan kitchen dining room is accented with strong wood element of the natural wood cabinetry set.

Classic Small Kitchen With Modern Touch

A marble countertop and kitchen island are chosen to give modern touch. Four classic pendant lighting atop the island confirms the classy atmosphere.

  • Eclectic Rustic Small Kitchen with Modern Appliances

Multiple color shades gives unique eclectic accent. Pale lime tiling backsplash and dining chairs.

Eclectic Rustic Small Kitchen With Modern Appliances

Rustic iron table becomes the focal point where it serves as kitchen island as well. Walnut cabinet set with opaque glass doors reaffirms the modern touch.

  • Modern Lime Small Kitchen Design

Lime is a perfect pair for modern kitchen design. This unique color matches beautifully with white color palette in the same area.

Modern Lime Small Kitchen Design

Lime and white cabinet set looks colorful and vibrant. Black hardwood flooring balances the ambience. Recessed and unique cylinder pendant lighting are added to light up the kitchen in the evening.

  • Ultra Eclectic Small Modern Kitchen and Appliances

White kitchen cabinets and open shelves are made as a pair with white kitchen island and neutral brown countertop.

Ultra Eclectic Small Modern Kitchen And Appliances

Red stove steals all the attention while colorful kitchen utensils stores on the shelves make a beautiful showcase. Red window blinds are in stunning contrast with white window frame.

  • Modern Small Kitchen with Wood Dominance

This all wood kitchen definitely looks modern and classy at once. Natural wood flooring makes a wonderful base for natural wood kitchen cabinet.

Modern Small Kitchen With Wood Dominance

Plain white cabinet doors are matched with opaque glass doors and metal hardware. Modern stainless steel appliances make a great complementary.

  • Ultra Small Modern Kitchen in Multi Colors

Open plan ultra small kitchen still makes a functional kitchen thanks to stainless steel stove, sink and oven.

Ultra Small Modern Kitchen In Multi Colors

Black cabinets make the focal point along with blue outer wall palette. Natural brown wood countertop comes in a pair with wood open shelves. Modern aluminum lighting shade confirms the modern touch.

  • Natural Small Modern Kitchen with Lots of Light

Full glass window allows lots of natural light into the kitchen with wood cabinet sets and glass doors.

Natural Small Modern Kitchen With Lots Of Light

The lime tiling backsplash is chosen to give the kitchen a character. Dining table set with two chairs are set for breakfast and afternoon tea time. Stainless steel appliances make the kitchen fully functional.

  • Ultra Bright Modern Small Kitchen in White

A mix of white and soft gray produces ultra bright kitchen. Glossy kitchen cabinet with metal hardware and white countertop dominate the atmosphere.

Ultra Bright Modern Small Kitchen In White

Wood open shelves mounted on the wall make pretty classic details. Transparent window blinds give another modern element.

  • Contemporary Full Appliances Small Kitchen

There are multiple elements at once. Stainless steel appliances, aluminum chairs, natural wood kitchen island, and white plywood kitchen cabinets.

Contemporary Full Appliances Small Kitchen

Green tiles backsplash gives unique character while white ceramic tiles balance the ambience. Recessed lighting works great to soothe the mood.

  • Natural Small Open Kitchen with Modern Element

Wood becomes the most dominant element. Walnut plywood kitchen cabinet is mixed with stainless steel countertop. The result is excellent.

Natural Small Open Kitchen With Modern Element

Opaque glass cabinet doors give more modern accent to the kitchen.


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