15 Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas To Suit Girls Personality

Best Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas

Girls deserve a room that suits their interest. The room has to represent their happy active personality. It has to be colorful and has everything they like.

A vibrant room with multiple color palettes, bunk beds, shelves and drawers to keep their personal belongings like toys and books. Size of the space doesn’t really matter as long as the setting is well organized.

Check Our favorite twin girl bedroom ideas that will make your daughter feel more happy.

  • Twin Barbie-Inspired Girl Bedroom

Girls dream of living in a Barbie house and this room has what they want the most.

Twin Barbie Inspired Girl Bedroom Ideas

Luxury twin bed with pink and glittered gold headboard, beautiful lighting shade, twin vanity lamps with shade and a lot of natural light.

  • Pink Twin Bed Girl Bedroom with Roman Shades

Colorful is what most girls prefer to have especially pink.

Pink Twin Bed Girl Bedroom With Roman Shades

Low twin bed with pink bedding attracts their attention as well as cute bee lamp shades hanged above each bed. Its elegance is enhanced with pink roman shades blinds.

  • Luxury Turquoise Twin Girl Bedroom

On a beautiful white area rug are twin beds with turquoise upholstered headboards. The result is fantastic.

Luxury Turquoise Twin Girl Bedroom Idea

The room is looking luxurious and has a touch of modernity from lamp shades and. The white curtains open up a window to outside.

  • Classic Pink Bedroom with White Twin Bed

Looking classic is with wood twin bed painted in solid white, a small white vanity table and white open closet just next to the bed.

Classic Pink Bedroom With White Twin Bed

Counter attacking the white domination is pink palette for the wall and walnut hardwood flooring.

  • Country Bright Twin Bedroom with Colorful Decor

Color palette for the room remains neutral with grey wall painting, white metal twin bed frame, white bedding and white open shelves.

Country Bright Twin Bedroom With Colorful Decor

A touch of colorful decor of colorful flowers on the ceiling livens up the ambiance.

  • Traditional Twin Girl Bedroom in Soft Pink

Only one color palette, pink, dominating the room yet there is colorful ambience.

Traditional Twin Girl Bedroom In Soft Pink

Its coming from the cinnamon wood dresser, white area rug, white bedding, white mirror accessories and transparent chair.

  • Creative Built-In Twin Girl Bedroom

Take your daughters to the world of imagination with built in bunk bed. The setting attracts attention and provides privacy.

Creative Built In Twin Girl Bedroom

Wall is a combination of two palette, plain pink and pictures of the outdoor nature.

  • Country Bunk Bed in Bright Color Palettes

Country bunk bed in a classic bedroom setting is a perfect combination.

Country Bunk Bed In Bright Color Palettes

The pink and white color palette represents the girls personality while colorful toys appears as accessories to the bedroom design.

  • Built-In Twin Bed with Storage

Hard work to customize twin bed is paid off with built-in bright twin bed setting.

Built In Twin Bed With Storage

Need storage? Pull the storage space under the bed. Small open shelves and wall separator for each bed guarantees more privacy.

  • Traditional Pink Girl Bedroom with Blinds

Lots of natural pink allows more element and colors to be put into bedroom setting.

Traditional Pink Twin Girl Bedroom With Blinds

Pink color palette and area rug as signature style while the wood bed with natural brown headboard as element of the earth.

  • Classic Luxury Purple Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas

Combining white and purple into one bedroom setting is a fantastic idea.

Classic Luxury Purple Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas

The luxury twin bed with white headboards, beautiful classic chandelier in the center, attractive mirror, and elegant table and chair set is blending into purple wall setting.

  • Classic American Twin Girl Bedroom with Storage

Place the bed across each other is too common. Instead, take two beds to create L-shape setting to save some space.

Classic American Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas With Storage

Open storage under the bed allows girls to keep lots of belongings they collect. Paper lamp shades in white and purple accessorize the bed beautifully.

  • Modern Ruby Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas

Ruby wall palette blends in a lovely way with all the luxury furniture from twin bed with ruby bedding, pink area rug, twin pink loveseat, white vanity tables and heart-shaped lighting shade.

Modern Ruby Twin Girl Bedroom Ideas

A black based wall behind the bed counters the ruby dominance.

  • Extended Wood Twin Bedroom for Girl with Pink Storage

A long bedroom area is the perfect spot to place extended furniture with two beds and multiple storage.

Extended Wood Twin Bedroom For Girl With Pink Storage

Small size drawers as separator to give each kid privacy. Extended open book shelves above the bed give more space for storage.

  • Luxury Traditional Twin Girl Bedroom with Built In Loveseat

Big space bedroom with luxurious setting is every girl’s dream.

Luxury Traditional Twin Girl Bedroom With Built In Loveseat

White bed with shocking red headboard is complemented with two white drawers, two white vanity table and lamp and one open shelve. Built in loveseat by the window is a perfect place for kids to hang out.

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